11 Effective Tips How to Stop Puppy Biting Fast

How to Stop Puppy Biting Fast

If you worry about how to stop puppy biting fast then you don’t. Biting is a habit in small puppies to beg for food.

To stop this behavior completely, firstly ignore the puppy biting for 5 to 10 seconds, if he doesn’t stop so go away from him for 15 seconds.

So why are you waiting here I come up with a detailed guide on how to teach the puppy to stop mouthing or biting. In this article 11 basic tips are given below to help you. Here I give to the point and authentic knowledge without wasting your time.

Why Puppy Biting is an Issue

It’s not amazing that puppies love to play, but when it comes to biting, the game can quickly turn dangerous. This behavior is an issue when the puppy is angry that needs to be addressed quickly and effectively in order for your puppy to develop discipline habits. 

The puppy tries to pick up things with his hand, but they don’t use his hand so he uses his mouth, which causes this behavior.

The sharpness of puppy teeth can cause a lot of pain and even injury if not handled properly. While this is a normal part of growing up, it doesn’t mean you should let your pup bite without correcting him or her. 

11 basic tips that how to stop puppy biting fast

11 tips on stop puppy from biting

Here are 11 tips to stop puppies from biting fast.

Tip 1: Understand Puppy Teething

First of all judge the puppy teeth, are teeth in the growing phase or completed the growing phase of teeth? The transition from milk teeth to adult teeth is an uncomfortable process for them.

If the puppy grows new teeth then there is no problem with biting because they trying to lose their pain. So treat well on this biting behavior. But teeth are fully grown then call a command to ” stop” and ignore this behavior.

When puppies are teething, they usually bite more than usual because they are trying to ease or decrease the pain associated with their new teeth coming through. 

Tip 2: Redirect Attention

Redirect Attention is a second tip that helps to stop biting. To prevent your pup from biting, redirect the attention of your puppy when they start to get too active or appears as if they are about to bite something.

You can do this by offering an alternative toy and scratching or rubbing their neck or ears in an enjoyable way. Clapping your hand loudly to redirect their puppy’s attention, the puppy hears the clap voice and active his ears, and listens to your command.

Tip 3: Provide Alternatives

Puppies are naturally curious and tend to explore the environment with their mouths. The puppy bite on your skin, clothes, arm, etc.

If you want to avoid this behavior provide alternatively like toys. When a puppy bites you, give the toy that he chewing toy and completely his addict biting.

You may also want to introduce activities such as tugging games and hide-and-seek so that they don’t become bored or frustrated and resort to biting out of boredom.

Tip 4: Train Commands

Another tip is to train some commands to the puppy. The important and useful command in the biting situation is “leave it” or “leave”.

This command can help to teach your puppy not to grab things without permission, making it a great way to help stop the puppy from biting fast.

To use the “leave it” command effectively, start by holding a treat or toy in one hand and offering it up close in a fist.

When the pup starts chewing on or licking your hand, firmly say “leave it” then open the other hand with a different treat inside.

When they take the new treat instead of chewing on you, give them lots of verbal praise and another treat as a reward for this adorable instruction or habit.

Tip 5: Manage the Environment

Puppy is curious about nature and wants to put all things in their mouth. So in this case manage the environment. 

Some puppies love to bite and chew on the leash or kitchen rug. If he bites or puts the rug in his mouth from the environment, then remove these things from the environment until the puppy grows to mature.

The first step is to identify the triggers that cause your puppy to become aggressive and try to avoid them through environmental control.

This could mean keeping objects out of reach that you know they’ll bite or removing hazards like electrical cords if they’re prone to chewing on them.

Make sure there are no objects near that could hurt your puppy if they were bitten too hard; soft toys are an ideal choice for this purpose.

Tip 6: Discourage Mouthing

Mouthing occurs when a puppy puts their mouth on humans or other animals as either a method of exploring the world around them or as a playful gesture. It’s necessary to stop this behavior before it turns into aggressive biting.

When your puppy starts mouthing, discourage the mouthing and immediately say “No!” and give a toy or chew bone. Don’t run away, stand in front of the puppy and discourage the biting.

Tip 7: Prevent Access to Skin

Preventing access to the skin is an important part and it helps ensure that your puppy never has the opportunity to bite the skin. This tip is fairly easy or simple but highly effective – making sure that there isn’t any exposed skin when playing with your pup. 

To get started, make sure that you have clothing on when playing with your puppy.

During plying with your puppy wear a full sleeves coat and pants and the bottom of the cuff is tight which will keep the mouth of the puppy away from the skin and protect you from getting bitten if they do happen to try and nip at you.

Tip 8: Establish Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is essential in any relationship, especially when it comes to your puppy. If you want to stop puppy biting fast, this tip is key. When there are no boundaries between you and the pup then the pup is very free with you and it can week the bond.

First, you know which habit is acceptable or which is not acceptable. Make sure you demonstrate the behavior you want by using positive reinforcement whenever possible.

Make time table in the life of your puppy and meet with a break of some time and give respect and love to your puppy which makes positive boundaries between you and your pup and this also stops the puppy from biting fast.

Tip 9: Don’t React with Aggression

Expression of face and body effect on the environment. If you want to stop the puppy biting fast then first you make your nature calm and relax. The key to stopping this behavior is to remain calm and assertive when your pup starts nipping at skin or clothing.

Reacting with anger with a puppy will only make them more excited, which will lead to more biting and jumping on you. You never perform any aggressive reaction in front of a dog. Each reaction leaves a positive or negative impact. So be positive with your puppy.

Tip 10: Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement makes your dog creative and respectable. This involves rewarding your puppy with something they like when they exhibit desirable behavior. This method teaches very quickly and easily.

When a puppy performs any command successfully the owner gives him a reward with positive reinforcement which makes the puppy more devoted to learning and always the owner. So we can stop the puppy from biting.

Positive reinforcement builds strengthen the bond between owner and pup. That helps in the loyalty of the dog to his owner, and trust building. Reinforce always builds behavior.

Tip 11: Play Games to Direct Energy

Playing games with puppies is an excellent way to direct their energy and stop the puppy from biting fast but remember pups most times bites during playtime.

By providing your pup with attractive toys such as treat dispensers or chews, you can help them redirect their energy which helps to away from destructive behavior like biting.

Games are played an important role to decrease frustration and anxiety also a great way to bond and give your puppy mental stimulation which stops the puppy to bite fast.

The habit of playing without biting introduce in puppies from an early age. Puppies have the ability to learn quickly. You should don’t need any fancies toys, play simply like hide and seek. with the passage of time, your puppy doesn’t bite.

Pro tip:

In my experience, stop the puppy from biting by giving him a chew bone. Biting is not a bad habit, this is a natural process but when exceeding this causes issues. The puppy will chew the bone so he will not bite the people and also his biting is so soft.


In the end, I recommended you ignore first your puppy to stop biting fast. Wear full sleeves during playing. Give alternatives like toy bones etc for chewing. Positive reinforcement always helps to avoid biting fast. Don’t react with aggression, only use the love method, love is key for any type of training. Hope you would learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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