5 Amazing Reasons Why Does Dog Run Away From Harness?

Why Does Dog Run Away From Harness

Many dogs are excited when taking him to go for outings. If you going for an outing such as walking, you need to harness. The harness protects your dog from many accidents or any irrelevant behavior of your dog during outings eg; barking.

The dog is independent in nature, they like to move freely. Dog running main reason is your dog doesn’t feel comfortable when put harness. Mostly, your dog is fearful of harnesses.

In this article, we find out reasons why does dog run away from harness, and discussed some tips on how to overcome this behavior. 

Introduction to Harness

A harness is made up of a strap that covers surround the dog’s torso. It is used to control, hold, and lift the dogs. If the strap is direct put in the neck, it can the breathing when the dog pulls during a walk. Harness reduces the stress on the neck, and the move freely.

The harness will first be used to pull a sled or small carriage to carry weight. The Dog wore the harness in both World War 1 and 2.

Types of Harness

There are three types of harnesses:

  • No pull harness.
  • Chest harness.
  • Car safety harness.
  • Sled harness.
  • Tactical dog harness.
  • Lifting harness.
  • Y-harness.

If you learn the types of harnesses in detail, Wikipedia writes an article on dog harnesses and their types.

Some Reasons Why Does My Dog Run Away From Harness

Some common reasons why dog runs from the harness are given below:

1- Fear or Discomfort:

Some dogs are afraid of harnesses. Due to the dog’s first experience with a harness, when they put it on their torso, they feel the harness is uncomfortable because of the strict straps. The dog feels bound. Hereby a dog has fear of harnesses.

The dog is own boss of his habit, so they take some time to wear the harness. In starting he shows negative behavior, but with the passage of time, he knows the harness.

2- Past Bad Experience:

Another reason for the dog to not wear the harness is his bad past experience. When your dog faced any accidental experience that occurs in past from a harness like being yanked on, being pulled, etc. This experience is stored in his subconscious mind. So when he sees the harness he runs away.

3- No Proper Training:

Without training your doesn’t wear anything. Training is very must. If your dog not be trained properly to wear a harness, then introduce a harness to your dog. Give the command to achieve the goal. When he learns carefully, use treats and praise to motivate him.

4- Tightness of Harness:

If the harness is so tight on the dog’s torso, it causes pain, and the dog runs away from it. In this way, resistance occurs in moving legs. The tightness of the harness is caused by sitting, standing, and walking.


Check the tightness of the harness and adjust this. The harness should be snug on the torso but not so much tight.

5- Poor Fit Harness:

If the harness is a poor fit on the dog’s torso, it causes scratches on the dog’s skin and restricted running. When the harness is a poor fit, the dog fears the harness and feels frustrated. This can also cause anxiety. So your dog would crazy and runs away from this.


Firstly, fit the harness correctly on the dog’s body. Make straps that are adjustable on your dog’s body.

Some tips on How to Control this Behavior

Here are some tips on how to overcome dog not wear harness behavior:

1- Don’t Chase Your Dog 

When you try to your dog to wear a harness he runs away, then you need to don’t chase your dog. Because this can leave a bad impact on your dog and he realizes harnessing is very dangerous than he thinks.

2- Use Alternative:

If your dog has fears of harnessing then give alternatives, for example, make a strap of cloth, which is the same look as to harness, then wear this cloth harness on the torso of the dog.

When he wears this cloth harness, he feels comfortable and removes all fear about the harness then easily wears the strap harness. Introducing the harness is another tip, make sure the harness is soft and comfortable.

3- Choose an Adjustable Harness 

Select an adjustable harness for your pup, not tighter and not loose or poor. It makes a good experience with your dog. Fit harnesses make dog life happy. This is a very effective tip to overcome a fear of harnesses.

4- Teach with Game

Firstly, set a harness in your lap, and asked the dog to pick it, when he picks, give treat your dog for appreciating this behavior.

If he is afraid of harnesses, then use sniff toys, chew bones, or strap to your dog and threw the strap away and call your dog to bring it to me.

When he completes their task, give him a reward for completing his task. Hereby, your dog doesn’t afraid of harnesses.

5- Give a Feeling of Motivation

Give feeling your dog that a harness is used in adventure, and also motivate your dog to be a brave dog.

In real, the harness is used in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. If he is motivated by a harness, then he wears a daily harness without any problem or hesitation.

Benefits of Harness Training

Here are some benefits of harnesses:

  • Harness to ensure that our dog is safe and secure at walking.
  • A harness is a better alternative than a strap collar, they provide control and comfort to your dog. 
  • The biggest advantage, I personally like is that harnesses don’t put pressure on the dog’s neck, and they move without any restriction. 
  • Many dogs when excited, jump on people or owners, but with the help of harnesses, they easily control.
  • A lifting harness carries a small weight when going on outings.


In the end, you read all the reasons why does dog run away from harness. This can be caused by discomfort harness, sometimes harness is a poorly fit harness, or a tightly fit harness, in this way, scratches the dog’s skin and the dog is afraid of this. So make a cloth harness that is soft and wear this soft harness in your home.

Practice for a few days inside the home. Don’t chase your dog this changes your dog’s thinking style. With practice and consistency, your dog easily wears a harness and doesn’t run away from him. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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