6 Amazing Reasons Why is Your Dog Running in Circles!

dog running in circles

Dog running in circles is natural and common behavior and process, and this occurs due to zoomies. This behavior occurs in every age of dogs including adult dogs as well as puppies. One American research shows zoomies occur mostly in puppies or younger age pups.

If you are a dog owner for some years, you know that this is a common habit. “A Dog Story” written by Haven Kimmel, is a short story in which he writes about dogs running.

In this article, we will learn useful information on why is my dog running in circles, if you are excited about learning, explore this article.

What is the Dog Zoomies or Circling?

I try to explain zoomies in more accurate and simple language, which can anybody read to know.  When a dog contains a large enough amount of energy stored, they want to release this extra energy to feel relaxed.

So the dog act like crazy, and he runs in a circle when excited. When a dog runs due to zoomies he uncontrollably.

Research at Cornell University, dog run due to fun, not craziness. They also say when you feel your dog get zoomies then go to a grass place or any garden, on a hard surface, there is more chance of slipping.

Zoomies are also known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). When the dog gets zoomies, sometimes they spin in circles, or tight running around the house, etc.  

6 Cause of Dog Zoomies, Why is your Dog Running in Circles? 

As you know FRAPs are a normal habit, and zoomies occur less in older dogs because younger dogs have more energy than older ones.

Here are some reasons why your dog gets zoomies and runs in a circle:

  1. Releasing Extra Energy.
  2. Warming Up.
  3. Act on Instinct.
  4. Your Dog Shows Excitement.
  5. Lack of Exercise.
  6. Emotional Response.

1- Releasing Extra Energy 

If your dog has much energy stored. Typically, your dog runs because of consuming extra energy and balancing his emotional chemical level, and releases his tension.

2- Warming Up:

Mostly, in winter, there is a cold temperature, and the dog feels cold. The dog runs for warm up, and sometime after bathing in cold water, they run to warm her body. When he bathes, his body is charged so he gets zoomies and going to decrease his charges.

3- Act on instinct: 

Many dogs take morning and evening walks and go prey on Sunday. A walk could balance his hormone change and stable body weight.

But if you missed walking for some days in a week, your dog is bored in his crate, gains weight, and would have much energy stored in their body, which would need to decrease.

So your dog starts zoomies and tries to run in his crate. When you open the crate he runs crazy and fastly in the lawn or garden.

4- Your Dog Shows Excitement:

Excess amounts of excitement cause zoomies. When your dog is excited due to any reason, he runs crazy in a circle and shows his owner to he is excited. He celebrates his good emotion and sometimes jumps on people. Because excitement increases your dog’s dopamine hormone. 

5- Lack of Exercise:

Exercise is very important for your dog’s physical and mental health. If you give rest to your dog, and your dog doesn’t get exercise properly, this makes sometimes it lazy dog.

If not give a daily exercise session to your dog, they cause zoomies. During exercise, a dog utilizes his energy in a positive direction, when his energy is utilized in the right way, his focus is on learning things.

6- Emotional Response: 

If you don’t spend quality time with your dog, only food supplies for your dog that’s caused separation anxiety. Separation anxiety makes your dog crazy which causes zoomies and running uncontrollably.

When Do Zoomies Occur?

They occur at different times and different places which are given below: 

a- After Eating Meal: 

Your dog eats a meal, if the meal is your dog’s favorite. He celebrates his meal and is excited.  This behavior shows in food lover dogs. After eating food, your dog gets excited which occurs zoomies.

b- After Bathing: 

When you bathe your dog he would fully charged and energetic After bathing zoomies occur in your dog and he starts rolling on the carpet, mat, grass, or even on road to dry him, and this habit results make him dirty.

c- Before Sleeping:

At night time, when your dog observes that there is time to sleep, and night could be enough long, and they take more rest at night but their body contains energy, he starts zoomies to blast his remaining energy for sleeping comfort.

Is it Normal for Your Dog to Zoomies?

Yes, this is normal. In adult dogs, this is not much better because when zoomies occur in adult dogs they run with craziness and they do not have much energy to maintain themselves during running. So they could be injured. 

But in a young dog, this is not dangerous because they have extra energy and power to maintain their balance during running. In this way, they show us that they need to exercise or walk.

When zoomies occur in a young dog, only one thing is dangerous which is slipping on the floor or hard surfaces. To protect your dogs from a hard surface when zoomies occur.

Some Tips to Stop Your Dog Zoomies.

Here are some valuable tips to stop dogs from running in circles which are given below:

  • Don’t chase your dog when they get zoomies because they think this is a game.
  • Go for walk with your dog in the evening.
  • Go jogging with your dog in the morning.
  • Give attention and play with your dog and spend quality time.
  • Play your dog with another dog one day a week.
  • Give mental stimulation with toys and treats.

Final Thought

In the end, I conclude the article about why is your dog running in circles and reached the final thought that dogs running in circles are caused by zoomies. This not means your dog is crazy, this is only an instinct, you could realize from this article.

The thing you should remember is when the zoomies occur protect your dog from the hard surface or road and take him to a garden or grassy lawn because, on the road or hard surface, there are chances of injuries. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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