6 Easy Steps How to House Train a Dog?

How To House Train A Dog

House training is necessary for any new dog. When you adopt a new dog or often your bitch gives birth to too many small puppies you need to train him. Here you need a lot of patience and consistency, this is not easy.

Some active and clever puppies take 5-6 months to fully house train. But some puppies take time like 12 months to 14 months.

In this article, we will learn in detail about how to house train a dog. House training contains many things like crate training, spot training, walking, game, etc. But we would learn about important things quickly but with authentic knowledge.

When to Start House Train a Dog

This is a very necessary question, most people don’t know when should start the house training. If you start at a more early age this is not good for the puppy’s health. There is very important how to house train an adult dog.

In my experience, start house training your puppy, when they are 15 to 16 weeks old. They have enough control over bowel movements and can hold the bladder.

When your puppy age grows to 13 weeks old, eliminate him from the birthing cage and start house training and come him to the house from the cage.

In the house training, there is a pouty train must, the remaining thing training would be trained with the passage of time, but control pouty is essential. For your information, AKC also works on house training the dog.

Steps of House Training

Step 01:

First define and choose a single space like a room, crate, or on a leash where your dog would learn training and make memories with this space. This depends on you what can you afford. If you train him with the crate this is best because they would learn house training as well as the crate training in a single time. But dogs in not animals of rest, they love to walk and play.

Step 02:

When you take the decision and choose the space, then the next step is to make a schedule of regular work for the dog, which helps you and your pup to save both times. All work is done on their assigned time.

Step 03:

Your puppy needs to get balance food at an early age. It is necessary to not give more food to your puppy which causes many diseases like it gains their weight.

Give two times to feed your dog each day. The two times depend on your own routine and lifestyle, which time you sleep and which time you wake up.

If you give the first meal in the morning the give second food in the evening and add the third food at night time. When he eats a meal take away the meal between the eating from your puppy. Because you also need to supervise the weight of the dog. 

Step 04:

Take your puppy to go away from his space for a walk in the morning before eating a meal. When he had completed the walk on the lawn then come back to his space or room and give him food.

When he wakes up from nap take him out. In this way, he knows where is his house and which place he walks and plays. For going on outings give him praise.

With consistency, you and your dog both enjoy this training, this is not so complicated training. It’s related to daily life.

Step 05: 

I explained how to crate train your dog in just three days in detail in this click.

Crate use in house training

Step 06: 

Each time go your puppy to the same spot for doing their business. Hereby, they leave their scent on the spot and go for potty on his specific spot. In simple words, only take your dog to go to a single spot where he doing his pee. This step help in potty training your dog.

Note: Set your dog crate or space inside the house or room and set a potty spot outside the room. Hereby your dog would know that in sleeping time, they should go outside the room to their spot for doing their business and then come back to sleep.

Step 07:

Don’t punish your dog when they occur an accident. Train him consistently. Give single training a day or a small amount of training but stay consistent. Train daily your dog. Punishment makes him stubborn and aggressive.

Step 08:

Supervise your dog and tether your puppy with a leash and another end of the leash tether with furniture or a crate.

When he shows signs of a need for potty like barking, squatting, sniffing around, or scratching at the door then grab the leash and take him outside to his potty spot. If he eliminates potty in a spot and gets fresh then give him a treat in the form of a reward. 


In the end, conclude the article on how to house train a dog. This training process takes more time than other types of training. Firstly make a schedule of eating a meal, potty time, and exercise time. Set the crate in your room, and use a lot of positive reinforcement.  

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