7 Effective Steps How to leash train your dog?

How to leash train your dog?

In this blog post, we will learn, explore, and discuss how to leash train your dog. Most people think that their dog innately knows to walk with a leash. But this is an art and skill which need to learn by your dog.

The effective leash should be loose and long, and not pull the leash from forward or backward. In this type of leash, your pup can easily sniff and explore things.

Leash control the dog when they are excited and run during the walk. So without wasting any time, jump toward exploring how to leash train your dog that won’t walk.

Why is Leash Train a Dog in Necessary? 

Here below we discuss the benefits of leash training :

1- Safety

If your dog is on a walk and they don’t wear a leash, incidentally he excited and runs away, then there is very much chance of an accident. So there is a need for leash training the dog.

2- Aggression

When your dog sees the other dog, then they show aggression, and he is also off leash. He runs toward the competitor’s dog and starts fighting, the leash can also protect him from this.

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3- Control

When your dog sees the other dog, then they show aggression and is not wearing the leash. He runs toward the competitor’s dog and starts fighting, the leash can also protect him from this.

Need Basic things for training 

Above we studied about benefits of leash training but here we will learn what things are used in training or which thing we need during leash training our dog.

1- Choose the Leash

First, we need a leash. Choose the best leash for effective training. A leash should be strong. Their length should be approximately 5 to 6 feet long, which is enough for their free movement.

2- Choose Strap Collars or Harness

You need a comfortable collar or harness. This is your own choice which is suitable for your dog, collar, or harness. But I personally recommend the harness because it covers the dog’s torso effectively and the dog could be easily controlled in the harness. 

3- Use the Treat 

Take a good amount of treats with you during training. Treat is the motivation for dogs, hereby, they learn more effectively with a treat.

4- Distraction Free Place

On training, you need a peaceful area where not any distractions which redirect dog concertation. In an empty and peaceful area, your pup is only focused on training and learning quickly. 

5- Time

Time will much matter. This is very important what time you train your dog. Exercise time is best for leash training such as morning jogging or evening walk time.

7 Steps to Leash Train Your Dog

Here we will learn about how to leash train an older dog or young dog. 

1- Introduce the Leash 

Firstly, introduce the leash to your dog. At playing time wear a harness and leash to the dog. During playing, catch the leash for a short time and also give food. If you put the leash on while playing, they don’t fear the leash. They know the leash as fun and a treat. In this way, he introduces the leash. 

2- Use the Cue

When your dog introduces the leash, then add a cue to his training. Give him a cue in verbal form. For example; ask him “Hey Yes”. Grab the leash and move forward in home and suddenly stop, and ask “Hey yes” When he stops give him a treat. Many people make cluck voices from their tongues to give cues.  

3- Indoor Training 

In starting to practice your dog indoors the house. Because if your dog runs or causes any problem then he can not run outside of the house.

During the walk, grab the leash on the opposite side of the hand. For example; if your dog moves in the left direction, then grab the leash in your right hand. And if the dog walks on the right side, then grab a leash in the left direction.

When you walk with your dog, give a treat on your dog’s moving side. For example; if a dog walks on your left side, then give a treat to your dog with the left hand and if the dog moves to the right side then give a treat with your right hand. 

4- Moving in One Direction 

After the teaching cue, then move your dog in one direction and grab the leash in your hand. Walk 20 meters in one direction and then stop and give him a treat. 

5- Moving in another Direction

Then moving in the opposite direction for 20 meters long. And don’t leave the leash. This is a form of practice with the leash, and give a treat for completing each round. Make some fun during walks that engaged your dog in training. 

6- Repeat the step

Practice these steps for 20 minutes daily. After one week your dog mastered leash walking. With calm, consistency, and good behavior your dog learns quickly. You don’t go outdoors for one week. Practice this indoors the house until they mastered the skill.

7- Practice Outside

If your dog mastered leash training indoors. So goes outside and walks with a leash. Grab your dog leash, and make the first walk shorter than 20 minutes. With time, increase the time of dog walks. Hereby, your dog would easily be learned to leash train.

Final Thought

In the end, you read and learned how to leash train your dog. This is not difficult, it is very easy but takes a small time. The first time your dog is afraid of the leash and runs away from the leash because he doesn’t know the leash.

So you should need to introduce leash and play activities with a leash. Your dog learns this quickly. Firstly train them inside the house and when they mastered these skills, then take them outside. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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