9 Top Tips How to Calm an Aggressive Dog

How to Calm An Aggressive Dog

Some dogs are natural instinct for aggression. This behavior is sometimes better for us because our dog prevents us from any attack.

When a dog shows their teeth, barking and snarling, this time is harmful to us. Every person wants to stay friends with their dog.

If the dog is not your own, you face any angry dog in your way, then this can frustrate you, there is a need how can you tackle the unknown dog. Here we will discuss in explaining how to calm an aggressive dog around other dogs.

Types of Aggression in Dogs.

If you want to learn what to do with an aggressive dog that bites, then firstly, you should know the types of aggression in the dogs. In this way, you can handle the situation with face any angry dogs. 

  • Possessive Aggression.
  • Protective Aggression.
  • Territorial Aggression.
  • Fear Aggression.
  • Social Aggression.
  • Defensive Aggression.
  • Sex-related Aggression.
  • Redirected Aggression.
  • Predatory Aggression.
  • Pain elicited Aggression.

If you don’t know about the above types of aggression and want to learn these types in detail click here to explore.

Signs of Dog Aggression Towards Humans 

There are very essential to know the signs of aggression in dogs. There are reality bases signs given below, when you read this you have enough knowledge to detect aggression. When the dog gets aggression:

  • They pull their ear back.
  • Their tail is not wagging, if wagging then they move at a very speed.
  • They growl and snap.
  • They see you with their glaring eyes.
  • They bare their teeth with anger.
  • Then they raised their fur.
  • They make the body rigid.
  • They look like they want to attack you.

9 Tips on How to Calm an Aggressive Dog 

There are 9 tips to calm an aggressive dog.

Calm Down An Aggressive Dog

1- Don’t Be Afraid Of 

If a dog sees you and shows aggression, this is the time, you should be calm and don’t afraid of the dog because your face or mouth shows your fear of the dog which is standing in front of you. Without any fear or tension, think about how to tackle the aggression of a dog. 

2- Don’t Run Away From Dog 

This might be terrified you, but still, stay, and don’t run away from the dog. Because the dog could think that you are fearable of them. Hereby, he can run toward you. So Slowly move back away from the dog, but don’t turn your back on the dog.

3- Don’t Make Eye Contact With the Dog 

The main thing is eye contact, don’t meet eye contact with the dog because it feels it is a threat and can be ready to fight with you. So make sure your eyes are calm and fearless and don’t see toward the dog’s eyes.

4- Don’t Laugh In Front Of a Dog 

Remember, it doesn’t mean fearless of the dog that you should laugh in front of the dog with your baring teeth. The dog sees this differently and they look you their competitor dog baring teeth when they fight.

5- Speak In a Slow Voice

Make sure your voice is slow when speaking with the dog. Speak softly because your dog takes it negatively. If you speak with a powerful and loud voice they think you are baring in a loud voice and challenging him.

6- Don’t Throw Anything at Dog

Don’t throw anything toward the dog when they move to grow toward you with their aggressive bark. When you throw anything like a piece of stick or water bottle, they get more aggression from these things and try to bite you.

Love is the key to controlling anything, so don’t strike the dog, when they jump on you to fight. Above all the tips discussed the dog does not bite you hopefully but if their aggression is crazy, then make a plan or think new to stop him.

7- Use the Treat to Get Dog’s Loyalty

If the dog is not calm on these tips and also does not want to go away from you. And you realize that he could bite you then this is a time you should need to use any food you have.

Give threw treat or food to the dog and when the dog eats the treat, it can loyal to you. Because all dogs are loyal instincts. And eating your meal makes him loyal to you. And he loves you and tries to go away from you suddenly with a slow walk.


Treat is the last way to stop the dog’s aggression, but don’t be give treat in starting. Firstly apply all the other tips, if they don’t handle then use the treat.

8- Show the Veterinarian 

If you have your own dog, and you face this situation with your dog, then meet with a veterinarian and show your dog to him.

9- Socialization

This is another way if you have your own dog, then introduce your dog to new places, and people because aggressive behavior can mostly occur due to lack of socialization.


In the end, I conclude our article on how to calm an aggressive dog. This is very terrifying for us when seeing the dog, but without any fear and afraid, we can tackle this aggression with the help of this article.

Don’t run away from the dog, don’t meet eye, do not speak in a loud voice, and if they do not handle then use the treat. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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