4 Excellent Steps How to stop Labradors begging for food

How to stop Labradors begging for food

In this article, we will discuss how to stop labradors begging for food. As you know Labrador is a hunter dog and when owners give him a meal as a treat for their hunting of any bird, it disturbs the meal routine and the dog begs for food.

The Labrador can stop to establish a mealtime in their daily life, and reduce the treats or giving snacks after eating a meal. When they want and are forced for begging food, give them a smile and ignore this behavior, if they do not stop then give them an alternative thing.

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Why Labradors Begging For Food

The Labradors are begging for food due to several reasons. The first reason is the LAbrador has a high sense of smell, and they quickly assume the taste of food. They need a lot of food because of their energetic body. When they smell the food from far, they beg for food.

Reasons for Excessive Begging

The second reason is that Labradors are hunter-dogs. When they go hunting in the forest with their owner. The owner gives them a portion of food after the hunt of any bird or animal, in the form of a treat. In this way, the Labrador think of a normal situation in which their owner gives him food, so Labrador begs for food.

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Steps: how to stop labradors begging for food

There is a step-by-step guide to stop Labradors begging for food.

Step to stop begging

1-Establishing Meal Times

Make proper time for your Labrador food. As we discuss the one reason above is that the owner could occur a mistake. The owner gives their dog meals out of time during hunting. In this way, the Labrador makes it a habit to want the meal without any discipline time.

When you establish a routine for Labrador meals and don’t give food out of routine. Your Labrador learn this in a few days and in this way, you can overcome your Labrador’s begging behavior.

2-Reducing Treats and Scraps

The next and more essential step is to reduce your Labrador treat. I am not saying that you don’t use the treat, treat is motivation and reward for dogs. But use treat when it’s needed. Use treats only when the dogs take training or seeking and learn any new skill.

Some owner has a habit to give extra love to their dog, which reduces the discipline in the dog’s life. Their big mistake is when their dog Labrador eats the meal, they give a few bites of snacks to their Labrador.

In this way, the excessive snacks gain your Labrador weight. The gain weight makes your Labrador lazy.

3-Ignoring Unwanted Behaviour

When you apply the above 2 steps, the next step is to establish boundaries with your Labrador for one month. When your Labrador begs for food and wants food without meal time then see him and give a smile, but this doesn’t mean give them a treat. You ignore their begging behavior.

It could show stubbornness for food but ignored him and give little love. In one week they would be learned that the owner did not give them food. After one month, they would remove this habit from their memory.

4-Training Alternatives to Begging

After all of the steps, there is a need of using an alternative thing. Because the Labrador does not quickly dismiss their habit. So you can train them with any alternative thing. You can choose the chewing toys for alternative training.

At begging time, give toys to your Labrador. Toys can convert their mind from begging. In this way, your Labrador easily stops or leave begging for food.

Conclusion: How to stop Labradors begging for food

In the end, this behavior is looking bad but could be handheld easily to follow our steps. Due to the Labrador’s strong sense of smell, you can not stop this habit permanently but can reduce and change into alternative things. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks!

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