Are Golden Retrievers Dangerous Dogs?[6 Mystery Reasons]

Are Golden Retrievers dangerous dogs

In this article, we will learn about are golden retrievers dangerous dogs. No, golden retrievers are not dangerous because they are friendly in nature and want to play with other dogs, adults, and even kids. They are good family dogs. If you don’t irritate them they don’t show aggression. If you want to make calm your golden retriever then teach your children to respect and care for your retriever.

Breed Overview


Large in size.


Their height is 51 to 60 cm.


Their weight is 30 to 42 kg.


Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years.


Golden Brown to Cream color.


Long Hair. 


Trustworthy, Confident, Intelligent, and Friendly.

History of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers originated from Scotland. Golden retrievers were bred by the cross of many retrievers dogs which are the Black retriever, Sandy color bloodhound, Tweed water spaniel, and Irish setter. So they possess all instincts of their parent dog breeds.

The hound instinct is also present in their blood but the friendly instinct is more active than other instincts. So they do not show sudden aggression.

The Kennel Club officially accepts, register, and recognize golden retrieves in 1913. They are one of the most popular family dogs in Germany.

Are Golden Retrievers Dangerous Dogs?

No, they are not dangerous dogs. Some people see the height and golden color of a retriever and think this is a very dangerous dog but the fact is on the opposite side. They are cute, lovely, and freindly dogs who want to live with their owner’s family and protect them from any danger. Their golden color makes him adorable.

History of Golden Retriever


Signs of Dangerous or Aggression in Golden Retriever

 As we discuss above golden retrievers are not dangerous or aggressive but they show sometimes aggression due to some reasons. Here are some signs of golden retrievers’ aggression:

  • They bark excessively.
  •  Then growling.
  • An eventually lifts their lip to show teeth.
  • Show wide eyes.
  • Snapping on people and rigid stance.
  • Also Lunging.
  • In the end biting.

This is caused by when the owner adopts a new dog in the home and your golden retriever shows aggression to protect and save him from the new dog. Another reason is frustration, lack of exercise or socialization. And sometimes, anybody irritated him.

6 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Dangerous?

Is golden retriever a dangerous dog? No, they are not but sometimes they show their genetic bloodline aggression. Here are some reasons which make your golden retriever aggressive.

Reasons of Dog Aggression

1. Fear

The fear is main cause of aggression, especially in friendly nature dogs like golden retrievers, Shih Tzu, etc. The hound or hunting dog breeds do not afraid of anything, because they are brave and want to eat their hunting birds or animals. But the humble dog breeds fear of some things. Fear is caused due to strangers in the house, the prospect of a car ride, or even loud sounds or noise.

2. Dominance

Dominance is another reason which causes aggression in the dog. As you know, every dog is not equal, some are dominant over another dog. If two dogs live in one home, then one is dominant over the other and in this way, they show aggression but in normal cases, the golden retriever is a good family dog.

3. Territorial Behavior

The dog leaves their scent on the area where they live and think that this area is their territory. When any other dogs or irrelevant persons enter in their territorial area they suddenly attack on them or show aggression. The golden retriever also possesses this habit of territorial behavior. The golden retriever is also possessive about their bed, toys, family member, or their room.

4. Pain 

Golden Retriever is dangerous when they are in pain. There are many types of pain. Some pain is hard like knee pain, neck pain, etc but they get aggression when suddenly feel pain such as anybody stepping on a golden retriever’s tail, or during a massage when the joint is in pain.

5. Lack of Socialization

When you don’t take your retriever for socialization, then they get frustration. This frustration causes aggressive behavior in your golden retrievers.

Another reason is if your dog spends a full day in a separate room they they get anxiety which also causes aggression in your dog because golden retrievers are family dogs and enjoy socialization and playing with family members.

6. Health Issue

The health issue is also an authentic reason because if your dog is not physically or emotionally fit then they cause aggression and stubborn behavior. But don’t worry, this aggression is just due to fever or emotional imbalance, when they are again healthy they come in their normal behavior.

How to Overcome Dangerous Behaviour in Golden Retriever

As we know the golden retriever is not a naturally aggressive dog but it is very necessary to take steps to avoid your retriever from aggression. Here are some methods to avoid your golden retriever from danger.

1. Give Proper Training 

You must need to proper training your dog. Your golden retriever should know the basic commands such as sit, stand, heel, stay, run, stop, etc. There are fewer chances of aggression in trained dogs as compared to untrained dogs.

2. Socialization 

The socialization is best way to overcome aggressive behavior. Socialization means your dog explores the world with their eyes and heart. When your dog goes outside and see a variety of peoples, different situation, environment, and many animals then they know the method of survival. In this way, they don’t act on unwanted behavior such as aggression.

3. Exercise

If your golden retriever gets daily exercise, they release its energy in playing games and workout then there is no time to act aggressively. Exercise can increase the dopamine hormone which helps your dog to stay calm.

4. Use Positive Reinforce

The golden retrievers are lovely and intelligent dogs. When you use praise, love, reward, and positive reinforcement then your retriever gets motivation and obey your commands due to your love and respect for him. This is the best method to avoid your retriever from dangerous behavior.


In the end, we conclude the article “Are golden retrievers dangerous dogs”. Golden Retrievers can not be dangerous dogs, but with proper training and socialization, they can make wonderful family pets. They are highly intelligent, loyal, and active dogs that need plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Owners need to take the time to train their Golden Retriever to basic obedience and keep them away from situations that may cause aggression. With responsible ownership and good training, Golden Retrievers can be a safe and enjoyable part of any household. Hope you learn and enjoy this article, if something is missing, so comment to us.

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