7 Adorable Reasons Why Dogs Run Behind Car?

Why Dogs Run Behind Car

 If you worry about why dogs run behind cars so you don’t. When the dog sees a car on the road, he runs toward the car and barks in a loud voice. In this article, I explained all reasons and step by step guide that how to overcome them.

This behavior is not complicated, dog runs behind the car due to their strong predatory instinct, they need attention, socialization, and protection, and sometimes they feel bored.

So what you are waiting for here I come with a detailed guide about why dogs run behind cars.

7 Reasons Why Dogs Run Behind Car

Chasing a car is an instinct in dogs, but human doesn’t understand. The dog not only run behind cars, but even they also run behind bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, and rollerblades. There are 7 basic reasons why did the dog run behind a car. 

1- Curious Nature:

Dog nature is curious because of their sensitivity, when they see any car move in front of them, he is then excited and runs toward the car. 

2- Predatory Instinct:

Many dogs like hunting, and they have naturally predatory. When they see any car, they look at him as predatory and run behind the car and try to chase him. This habit is mostly in hunter or pointer dogs.

3- Due to Noise:

The dog has a frequency to hear any sound four times greater than the human ear. They hate the loud sound. When any noise creator car moves, they hear their sound from far and stay alert, when the car reaches near him they run behind the car and show their anger.

4- Bad Experience:

Many times dogs face bad experiences in the past such as the dog being hit by a car in the past, or he sees other dogs hit by a car. So they run behind the car for showing their anger.

5- Dog Makes Boundaries of their Territory:

You have noticed that the dog makes his area. In this area, they pee on cars or trees to leave their signal. They smell their signal to make sure this is their own territory. This specific territory is their area of influence.

When any other dog or any vehicle enters their territory, they are scared and start barking and running behind the car to say the car to leave his territory.

This can be beneficial in some cases, when a thief enters your home, your dog starts barking and running behind him. This habit protects you by stealing anything from your house.

6- Play and Fun:

The car is moving on the road, and the other side group of dogs stands. The rim of the tires of cars looks like very amazing. These moving rims inspire and attract dogs.

The dog thinks this is a toy and they run toward the car and play with them when the group of dogs sees this they cover the car from all sides and start barking. When the car stop, the rim of the tire also stops, and they realize this is not a toy.

7- The dog could be Bored:

Some dogs breed are used for the security of herding sheep or collecting ducks from hunters. When they spend much time sitting and take rest. They have a lot of energy stored, so they run behind vehicles or dig holes or start zoomies to release their extra energy and stay calm.

8- Not Proper Grooming:

When your dog was a puppy, their small wrong behavior looks like very funny and interesting, and you appreciated him. With the passage of time, these bad behavior convert into strong habits. When your puppy fully grows and makes a young dog, this habit causes begging for food or sleeping on the bed, chasing the vehicles, etc.

9- Dogs Need Seeking Attention:

The dog noticed that when he runs or performs any new behavior, their owner gives him attention. If your dog spent enough time in the crate or outside the room or in the garden or lawn, they need to get attention, then your dog does run behind the car, and barks loudly, so their owner gives him attention.

We will explain all the reasons from our experience and knowledge but if you feel someone missing then visit Quora from learning more answers.

Some Tips on How to Stop a Dog from Chasing Cars

Dog running behind a car or vehicle is sometimes just for fun and playing. Whether it is time to protect their house, so they show anger at cars. Here we will learn how to stop this chasing behavior:

1- Set Timetable:

If you make discipline in dog life such as fixing which time the dog go for walk, go for sleeping, crate time, eating time, and exercise time. This type of timetable makes habits and lifestyle of your dog. If well a discipline lifestyle, your dog stays healthy, motivated, alert, and easily understands and follows their owner’s orders or commands.

2- Start with Command:

Use the command when training your dog, this plays an essential role. If your dog knows basic commands then it is easy to train more commands. Start with only one command “Stay Alex”, etc. 

3- Use Positive Reinforcement:

During the training use the treats and praise. When they learn give them a reward in the form of positive reinforcement.

4- Keep Close to Your Dog:

During training make sure your dog is close to you with the help of a leash which makes the bond between you and the pup.

5- Lock the Crate:

Another method is to analyze which time your dog goes excited and runs toward the cars, then Close the house’s outgoing door at that time or lock it into the crate. But the dog injured him in the crate then the crate train him.

6- Dog Get Proper Sleep:

If this behavior is due to anxiety, then the dog should be must take proper sleep during the day. Due to sleeping, their hormone is well balanced, and they feel calm and relaxed, so they don’t run behind the car.

7- Practical Training:

If you have any vehicle like a car, bike, cycle, etc. Then you stand with your dog, put the leash on your dog, and ask your friend to slowly drive the car, when he drives the car your dog runs. There is a time when to teach your dog. When the dog runs toward the car, pull the leash and use the command “Stay “, and give him a treat.

In this way, your dog understands this is wrong behavior because its owner stops him from running behind the car and dogs love their owner and follows their rules.


In the end, I hope you enjoy and learn from this article about why dogs run behind car, and this blog post adds value to your dog’s life. The dog running is due to their hunting instinct, or safety or security. But there is very easy to stop this behavior to follow the above steps, if you don’t like this behavior.

The method, I personally recommend is to give your dog attention, and give time and played with your furry pup. Thanks for reading.

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