7 Adorable Reasons Why is My Samoyed Not Fluffy?

Why is My Samoyed Not Fluffy

If you all worry about why is your Samoyed not fluffy so you don’t. Because in this article I will explain detailed information.

When your Samoyed is not fluffy, it has some causes including factors like diet, grooming, genetics, health issues, age, weather conditions, etc.

Most time Samoyed is popular because of his fluffy coat, which makes it beautiful and attractive. So what you are waiting for here I come up with a detailed guide about why is my Samoyed not fluffy.

What is a Samoyed? Breed Overview

Samoyed is a friendly, and loyal dog breed, which originated from Siberia. They are dated back to 1000 BC and have been bred by the nomadic Samoyede people. Historically, they were used as working dogs that performed many tasks such as pulling sleds, herding reindeer, and securing homes.

These dogs are known for their thick, white double coat that consists of an outer layer of long guard hairs and an inner layer of downy fur.

They love their owner and protect him. He is the best family pet and cares for the children. The breed overview of Samoyed is given below:


They are medium in size.


Their height is 50 to 60 cm.


Their average weight is 15 to 30 kg.


Their lifetime is 13 to 14 years.


Samoyed contains a longhair fluffy coat.


Cream with White, White, and Beige spot with white.


Friendly, lovely, and persistent.

Need of Exercise

Minimum 2 hours daily.

Samoyed Cost

The Samoyed cost is $1000 to $3000.

FCI Group

Spitz and primitive breed.

7 Reasons Why Is My Samoyed Not Fluffy

Reasons Why is My Samoyed Not Fluffy

There are several reasons which are given below:

Reason 1: Poor Diet

A good diet is essential for dog health. If your dog has a poor diet, they lose its fluffy hair and destroys the skin. A good and balanced diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins which makes their coat thick with fluffy hair.

Reason 2: Over Bathing

Regular and consistent bathing is necessary for the good health and hygiene of your dog. More use of good things can make your dog’s coat fluffy and less soft. 

But overbathing destroys the skin and fluffy coat. Overbathing can strip away the natural oils from your dog’s fur and skin, which causes dryness and stiffness. This can also cause the coat to become matted more easily, making it harder to brush out tangles – which results makes the fur looking dull instead of soft and shiny.

First, we said this is regular bathing is necessary but not. If you want your Samoyed to look cute, so stick to bathing them once time a month or every 5-7 weeks, depending on their activity level.

Reason 3: Genetics

Scientists say that genetics make the body. Genetics decides how thick and dense a dog’s fur is. Samoyed’s coats are made up of two layers.

  • One is an undercoat, which is short and feathery.
  • The second is a topcoat, which is much longer and thicker.

Some dog has a genetic problem that causes hair not to be fluffy. For example, Some Samoyeds are not pure breeds, they are the cross of Samoyed, So their hair is not fluffy. Their genes are a mixture of samoyed and another dog breed. 

Reason 4: Inadequate Grooming

Samoyeds are a double-coated breed, which requires consistent brushing and combing to maintain their thick coat. Combing and brushing one time each day in the morning.

When your Samoyed does not get proper grooming, his coat can become tangled and matted. If you do not adequately groom his for 1 or 2 months his hair, then it will not stay fluffy and then there is a need very hard to maintain it again his hair fluffy.

Give proper grooming to your dog from an early age when he is a puppy, In this way, he doesn’t run away from combing when he grows into a big Samoyed dog.

I would recommend you right tools, which I experienced, use metal combs and slicker brushes that don’t knot their fluffy hair.

Reason 5: Brushing Too Hard

Brushing can help to maintain the fluff of a Samoyed. But anything which would be done in excessive amounts would cause many problems. When you brush too much to make your Samoyed hair fluffy, they would slightly damage the skin and hair.

So we already discussed that brush your Samoyed’s hair one time a day. If you make balance in brushing, your Samoyed’s hair would be shine and glow. 

Reason 6: Hair Matting

Hair matting is another dreaded reason. It can occur due to improper bathing or brushing your dog as well and mud, rain, or snow can cause matting due to excessive movement in that all.

Mites and fleas can also cause matting because of the irritation they inflict on your dogs. When your Samoyed hair is matted or tangled, there is no air passing through it, and air does not reach the skin which causes the coat not fluffy.

Reason 7: Age Factor

You would think, how age can matter, but the truth is age could much matter. When Samoyed is a puppy, they have less hair, and only a coat appears, With the passage of time his age grows then his hair also grows.

When Samoyed grows and reaches to young age then their hair is soft and fluffy. But one bad news, when your Samoyed grows to old age their fluffy and soft hair falls down. You think that this is a medical issue, no this is not a medical issue, this is a natural process.

At the age of 8 to 9 years old Samoyed, their fur naturally begins to thin, their color change to dull white, and their hair lose its elasticity. His skin stops making and producing much oil, which results in the dryness of skin, In this way, he loses fluffiness.

How we can make Samoyed Coat Fluffy

Here are some tips on how to make Samoyed coats fluffy.

How we can make Samoyed Coat Fluffy

1- Grooming Habits:

If you want to make your Samoyed coat fluffy, then groom his habits by using brushes and shampoos.

a. Brushes

When I brush my Samoyed, it maintains softness in my Samoyed hair. It also reduces shedding and prevents matting. Brush your Samoyed 2 to 3 times per week.

Many specific formulated brushes are designed for long-haired dogs. Samoyed is also a double coat, so use the specific design brush for him which keeps his hair fluffy. 

b. Shampoos

 Shampoos are used in bathing to Samoyed. There are many shampoos but use special design shampoos for Samoyed which contains special ingredients. For example, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help to moisturize fur and the skin naturally. Use an all-natural formula with no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances as these can damage their delicate coat.

2- Diet and Nutrition:

Diet and nutrition play important roles in Samoyed’s hair to make it fluffy. A good diet makes it healthy fit which also maintains its hair fluffy.

a. Vitamins

Here we will explain some vitamins, when your Samoyed intakes these vitamins, their coat looks healthy and fluffy.

  • Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy cells, including those in the skin and hair follicles.
  • Vitamin C is essential for promoting collagen production, which helps keep the skin strong and supple.
  • Vitamin E is also an important vitamin because it increases circulation, improving the health of the scalp and promoting new hair growth.
  • Biotin can play an important role in nutrient metabolism, it can provide the essential fatty acids that help to promote a shiny coat. 

You think, about how we can use these vitamins. These vitamins are contained in many fruits and sunlight and also can be purchased from shops.


Protein is very necessary for Samoyed life because all the skin and body that we see are made up of protein. A protein contains a long chain of amino acids.

So if your Samoyed gets a balanced amount of protein, then it makes his coat healthy and also helps to build strong muscles and bones which makes Samoyed fur shiny.

Giving your dog enough protein including lean meats like chicken, fish, or beef is a great way to ensure your dog gets the necessary nutrients for optimal health. The other source of protein is 

  • Nuts and Seeds.
  • Legumes such as lentils or beans.
  • Grains such as quinoa.
  • Dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

3- Activity Level:

If your Samoyed is physically and mentally healthy then their hair is automatically healthy.

a. Exercise

Exercise is a part of dog life, and the dog is not an animal of rest. It gives physical and mental stimulation to your dog. The exercise is a combination of running, jogging, and swimming. When your dog gets proper exercise then this will help to increase circulation in Samoyed’s fur which will promote growth and also reduce shedding.

Exercise helps to build muscles as well as balance and coordination.  These activities will not only make their coat more fluffy and soft but also improve our Samoyed overall fitness level.

b. Sleep

As you know exercise is necessary for any dog but on the other side rest is also important because if your Samoyed exercises more time, they need to rest for more sufficient performance.

A daily good amount of exercise will help to stimulate the circulation of your dog’s blood flow and increase oxygenation in his body. This will help to ensure that their coat stays healthy fluffy and shiny.

Final Thought

In the end, we read and learned why is my Samoyed not fluffy Reddit and the net result is very different. Their coat is always fluffy at a young age, the things which make them less fluffy is our own mistakes.

We give poor diets, inadequate grooming, bathing too hard, etc to our dogs. You do not worry about this situation if your dog was not fluffy then this is their genetic problem. Give him a balanced diet, adequate bathing and brushes, and proper exercise to make your dog’s hair fluffy. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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