15 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption

Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption

In this interesting article, we will learn about the 15 best hypoallergenic dogs for adoption. After reading this blog post you easily choose the best hypoallergenic dog breed that you may like. 

There are many best hypoallergenic dog breeds such as Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Poodles, Bichon Frise, Havanese, and Schnauzers. These are available in all shapes and sizes.

So what you are waiting for here I come with a detailed guide on hypoallergenic dog breeds.

What Is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

Hypoallergenic dogs are less allergic than other dogs. They drop less amount of fur and have low shedding which doesn’t cause allergic. The hypoallergenic dog contains these symptoms in low amounts like wheezing, sniffling, itchy eyes, and sneezing.

Why You Need Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption

I mean is not that you all people can adopt hypoallergenic dogs, this breed is for those people who suffer from allergies and they need a family dog. This breed has a low chance of triggering the allergy.

On the other hand, these breeds have many benefits over other breeds of dogs such as they don’t shedder, do not lose their fur at home, and save you from the cost of cleaning.

15 Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption

There are 15 hypoallergenic dog breeds given below, read carefully all the aspects of the breed and choose one of them. I also give my own recommendation for the adoption of a dog at the end of these breeds.

1- Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise originated in France in the 15 century. They are small in size, their height is 24 cm to 30 cm.  Their weight lies between 3 to 5 kg, and medium hair coats with white shiny color.  The most effective thing is their life span, which is 12 to 15 years on average.

They are a non-shedding breed and love their family. Their temperaments contain lively, sensitive, and spirited. And best for adoption as a family dog.

2- Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested dog origin was a mystery but they are known in China first time during the 12 Century BC. At that time they were hunting and watchdogs. But still today they are more likes in the family dog.

They are highly hypoallergenic dogs. This breed is for those people who suffer from allergies or asthma. They don’t produce dander and have low shedding.

They are small in size, their height is 24 to 33 cm. Their weight is 2 to 5.5 kg. They contain nude coats. Their temperament is lively good nature, and affectionate. They are lying in many colors such as Black, apricot, Chocolate brown, Cream, and Blue. But their life span is 10 to 12 years.

3- Havanese

The Havanese are originated and named in Cuba during the 15 century. They are small in size, and their height is 22 to 27 cm. Their weight is 3 to 7 kg. They have long hair coats and coat colors are Black, White, Havenese Brown, Deer color, tobacco color, and mahogany colors.

They are companion and toy dogs But their life span is good which is 13 to 15 years. incredibly adorable and great companions, but they have an interesting history as well. Most peoples adopt this breed in Cuba, America, and many countries.

4- Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Great Britain which is the place in the North of England. At that time, he was used as a farm dog, but poor families used him as a guard and hunting dog due to their small size which not covers enough places.

Their height is 18 to 23 cm, and their weight is 2 to 4 kg. They have long hair coats with many colors such as Black mark, blue gold, Blak-loh, Blue-loh, and white. Their temperament is confident, lively, and intelligent. They have low shedding and hypoallergenic coats.

5- Schnauzer Dog

The Schnauzer dog originated in South Germany, 500 years ago. They were first used for catching rats from stables. So in this way, their nickname is “Ratter“. They were protecting the traveler. They have a very loud bark and easily chase their criminal due to their speed. There were lived mostly with horses. 

Schnauzers are known for their intelligence, playfulness, good nature, lively, loyalty, and adaptability. They are medium in size. Their height is 47 to 50 cm and their weight is 14 to 20 kg. their coat colors are black, and pepper salt. Their life span is also good which is 13 to 16 years. 

6- Poodle Dog

Poodles are very intelligent, willing to learn, faithful, and easily train as well as they are hypoallergenic which makes them more popular. Their name means “Splash“. This name was got by their work of hunting.

Poodle’s believed origin is France. They are medium in size. their height varies from 25 to 60 cm and their weight is 3 to 23 kg. They have long hair coats with different colors like Black, White, Brown, Silver, Tan, Pied, and Apricot. The Poodle’s average life span is 12 to 17 years which is pretty good.

7- Maltese

The Maltese is a friendly hypoallergenic dog breed originating from the island of Malta. So their name is Maltese. They have been around for centuries and their work is to detect mice and rats.

The Maltese are small in size, their height is 20 to 25 cm. and their weight is 3 to 4 kg. They have a long hair coat with white color. They are known for their loyalty and are playful,  active, and intelligent. I personally like them for a long life span which is 18 years. They don’t shed or are not allergic.

8- Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is a short and rare hypoallergenic breed. They are the best family dogs, flushing dogs, and water dogs. This is a very old breed and originated from Ireland in the 1800s. Their temperaments are Intelligent, proud, and humorous.

The Irish Water Spaniels are Large in size, their height is about 52 to 56 cm and their weight is approximately 26 to 29 kg. They have medium hair coats which lie in various colors such as dark brown red liver color, and rich. But their life span is 12 to 13 years.

9- Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water dogs originated from Portugal in the 12th century, these dogs are renowned for their intelligence, good-natured temperaments, and of course their hypoallergenic coat.

They are medium in size, their height is 17 to 23 inches and their weight is  36 to 60 pounds. They have curly hair of many colors such as white black, brown, etc.

10- Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a hypoallergenic coat of toy dogs. The top coats of these dogs are long, full, and smooth. Shih Tzu originated from the “Monasteries of Tibet” city in China in the 17th Century. They look like as same the small lions. So he gets the name Shih Tzu which means lion.

The Shih Tzu is a small, playful, and open-minded dog. They are small in size due to their height which is 20 28 cm and their weight is 4 to 7 kg.  They have long hair coats.

They are present in many colors like Black, White, liver brown, dark brown, current white, blue gold, black and white, and liver color.

11- Basenji

Basenji is one of the old breeds, which originated from the forests of Congo in Central Africa. In the starting, they were used for hunting and for security, but they were getting more popular among the population. After some time they were the best companion dog also. The hypoallergenic coat makes Basenji unique for adoption.

this is a rare breed adopt them this is my recommendation, I like their Red color. They belong to Spitz and primitive types group. Their temperament includes balanced, confidence, and Intelligent.

They are medium in size, their height is 40 to 45 cm and their weight is 9 to 12 kg. The most critical thing is they have short coats. They contain some rare colors such as Black, Black and white, Tan, Red, and Current.

12- Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound originated from Egypt and this is a very noble and old breed. In the 14th century, researchers say this breed conquered Europe. They were adopted by women of Roman and at that time, many nobles people owned them.

This breed is hypoallergenic as well as was used for hunting the hares on the sight. One research shows that Fredrick of Prussia owned some wind chimes and he loved them and they wished to be buried with his wind chimes.

They are also good lap dogs. These dogs are intelligent, willing to learn and affectionate. They are small in size, their height is 31 to 38 cm and their weight is approximately 5 kg.

They have short hair coat in various colors such as Grey, Black, Slate Grey, and Isabell Colors. Their life span is 12 to 15 years, and the beauty of this breed is they belong to the Sighthounds group.

13- Cairn Terrier

In the early 16th Century, Cairn Terriers are found in Scotland clans. Their name Cairen was derived from the word Gaelic word. It means rat burrows and fox holes where he hunted. They are assertive, cheerful, tough, and hypoallergenic.

The Cairn Terrier are small in size, their height is 23 to 33 cm and their weight is 6 to 8 kg. They have medium hair. Their coat colors include Black, Current, Cream, Wheat color, Grey, and Red. Their life span is 12 to 15 years and they belong to the terriers group.

14- Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo originated in the Romagna region of Northern Italy in the 16th century and was used for hunting coats, they could stay in water for many hours and not get any disease suddenly. They have a very sharp and refined sense of smell.

The Lagotto Romangnolo are medium in size, their height is about 42 to 48 cm and their weight is 11 to 16 kg, this is not over gained weight.

They have long hair and also contain many colors such as Orange white, Brown white, Milk coffee white, Brown, Brown mold, and Orange. I like their life span which is 15 to 17 years. They also belong to the flushing dogs as well as the water dogs group.  

15- Goldendoodles

The Goldendoodles were bred in USA and China at the end of the 1990s. Goldendoodles are formed by the breeding of two pure established breeds. One is a Golden retriever and the second is Poodle. They are known as “designer dogs“. They are also hypoallergenic dogs.

The Goldendoodles are obedient, intelligent, and cheerful. They are medium in size, their height is 30 to 70 cm and their weight is 10 to 44 kg, gain with their height. They have long hair coats which contain golden blonde, cream-white, and black colors. Their life span is 10 to 15 years.

Tips for Adopting

First, identify which breeds make ideal hypoallergenic companions. Some of the most popular include Poodles, Bichon Frise, Portuguese Water Dogs, and Maltese dogs.

All of these breeds have minimal shedding coats that don’t produce dander – the primary cause of pet allergies. Research each breed thoroughly before making a decision.


In conclusion, the 15 best hypoallergenic dogs for adoption are discussed in detail, we give an overview of these dogs, so choose any one from the all. From the intelligent and loyal Poodle to the spunky West Highland White Terrier, these 15 hypoallergenic dog breeds offer something for everyone.

Adopting a rescue dog from your local shelter is a great way to find your perfect four-legged family member! Plus, you will be giving a loving home to an animal in need.

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