Fox Red Labrador Retriever Dog Information[Explore Mystery Facts]

Fox Red Labrador Retriever Dog Information

In this article, we will learn about the Fox Red Labrador Retriever Dog Information. The Fox Red Labrador Retriever is an increasingly popular breed of dog. This breed is unique in its bright color, which stands out from the more traditional yellow Labradors. The Fox Red is a happy, loyal, and intelligent breed that often makes an ideal family pet.

Overall, these beautiful creatures are excellent family pets because they offer unconditional love and dedication to their owners and can easily fit into any lifestyle with proper training and care.

History: Origin and Development

The Fox Red Labrador Retriever home town was the Canadian east coast. They were used to support the fishermen’s work. Their famous activity is drifting which is shown in their lives with water and diligence.

At the start of the 19th century, the Fox Red Labrador Retriever was crossed with the sporting pointer in England. And used them as hunting dogs, which gave the very best results as hunter dogs.

Their name was famous in 1970 and their name was composed of their origin which is the Labrador Island off Newfoundland. As you the the word “retriever” means retrieval of the killed animal at hunting time.

They find the killed animals and bring these animals toward hunters. Their popular instinct is that they don’t bite or eat the prey. They can easily hunt in water, so that is why his swimming is very well. They also like and enjoy working with their owner.

Fox Red Labrador Retriever dog

Breed Overview


  • They are medium in size


  • Female height: 21 to 23.5 inches. Male height: 22 to 25 inches.


  • Female weight: 54 to 70 pounds.
  • Male weight: 64 to 80 pounds


  • Double coated, short-hair, thick and deep yellow.


  • The dark yellow appears almost red. The color of the coat varies depending on the variety.


  • Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years.


  • Yes, they can swim easily.


  • No, They can not.

FCI Group

  • Flush dog, Retriever, Water dog.

Need of Exercise

  • They need high exercise.


  • Barking when needed.

Characteristics of Fox Red Labrador Retriever Dog Information

The Fox Red Labrador Retriever are the handsome dog which has massive head with the large muzzle. Their eyes color is brown which shows friendly and intelligent expression. They have strong physique. Their neck is a very broad.

Their chest is also impose and deeply arched. They have short outer coat and undercoat is a water repellent. Their color is red solid. They have large teeth with soft mouth. So that is why they easily prey their hunting animal without any resistance.

They love to playing and romping and quickly find the hidden toys. The thing which makes Labrador a good family dog is attention and good nature. When we observe the Labrador hunting power, they are the real sportsman as a hunter dog.

They go way their owner in any place and explore the new world. They are sometimes use as therapy. Give good education to your dog which makes him exuberant character. They are aggression free dog.

They learn quickly and sharply. They are enjoying the company of their owner. And build good relationship with owner. They love and enjoy the water and jump in water where he see it.

They also play with other dogs and humans. They are good swimmer due to their good swimming physique.

Training of lab puppies

Diet and Food

The beautiful thing about Fox Red Labrador Retriever is they eat anything. They don’t resist any food which they don’t like. When anyone can adopt a Labrador, the first thing is their food and this breed help them to release their tension of food.

But it doesn’t means that give less food to your dog. The Fox red labrador is a very fast, intelligent, and active dog, so they need a good amount of food to maintain their energy. Select the right food for your Labrador to secure them for overweight.

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When giving a treat to your Labrador, choose the natural food, not the shop things. Because in-store brought food contains sugar, fat, and carbohydrates, which have high calories. On the other side, potatoes, raw or cooked carrots, and apple is a good treat that contains low calories and protect your labrador from overweight.

Grooming Requirements

For the grooming requirements of a Fox Red Labrador Retriever, you need a sturdy leash and a suitable collar. In the starting, keep your Labrador Retriever on the Tableware which gets him to walk at heel. In this way, they could be prevented from damaging their spine and pulling on the collar. Hereby the Labrador can learn to walk on the leash without facing any pull.

You require 6 feet long leash which is enough for Labrador to walk. They easily move near you. In this your Labrador does not run away and you could easily control on any sudden situation with the help of a sturdy leash. Use gloves when going walking.

The Retriever toys are best for Labrador. They enjoy when playing with toys. These toys are helpful when your fog hides and you want them to come back with the help of toys. These toys contain food bags, dummies, or any other toys in which the dog exercises with them, and the dog searches and snuffs the food bags, and when finds let it bring them to you. These games are used in exercise to get the motivation to your Labrador.

Health Care

The Labrador coat needs attention because its coat is water-repellent and shiny. If you do not give proper feed to your Labrador, their coat causes dandruff. They need a small grooming and the swim in water is good for their health.

You know Labradors love playing in the water, So if they put them into the mud and bathe them in mud, then wash your labrador with clean water and Special dog shampoo otherwise, don’t use the shampoo in normal bathing. Only use shampoo when the case is exceptional and your dog has much dirt. The human shampoo causes irritation of the skin and destroys the hair structure.

Sometimes brush the combed out, in this way it prevents the labrador hair from falling. The Red Labrador also shed, mostly they are shedding in fall and spring.

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