11 Top Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs

Why Beagles are the worst dogs

Beagles have entertained us because of their high level of adaptability. Beagles are quite intelligent and complex in nature. They can take time to train and socialize due to their independent character.

They are known for their cuddly nature and adorable eyes. Beagles are not the worst dog, but most people include him bad because of their mischievous and stubborn nature.

Beagles are loyal and obedient due to their good grooming. But if you don’t train them sincerely and have poor socialization, they become naughty. In this blog post, we will detail learn why beagles are the worst dogs. 

History Of Beagles

Beagles are the oldest breed of dogs and have a quiet and long history. They originated in England during in 1500s years ago. The beagle was bred by a cross of many hound dog breeds and as a result, a small hound breed formed that is beagle which was used for tracking the rabbit and trying to make him a hunting dog.

As you know the most popular breed of beagle was Snoopy. Snoopy was first to appear in Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts” comic strip in 1950.

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11 Reasons Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs

Cost of beagle

Here we will explain the reasons of beagles worst dogs.

1- Lack of Exercise: 

 If beagles do not get proper physical activities and mental stimulation, then they would bored. Their bored behavior makes him worst.

They need 45 minutes to 1 hour per day of exercise. Take him for walks and physical activities, play sessions which make him healthy. If you cannot give enough exercise then choose or see another breed of dog, the beagle is not for you.

When you are not giving time then hire a trainer or Walker, who takes him for walks and training. Playing games or playing with toys can relax your beagle mind.

2- Poor Socialization

Socialization is an important thing for beagles. In this way, he explores new people, new places, and different situations and learns many experiences without any fear or aggression.

Due to the lack of socialization, they cause fear and aggression or are scared of different situations including new places, and situations, and bark loudly. This irritates the owner, and he knows him as the worst dog.

3- Due to Separation Anxiety 

The most common behavioral problem that people think the beagle is the worst dog is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can cause by certain factors such as lack of socialization, lack of exercise, and the need for the attention of the owner.

When you left alone your beagle they feel lonely and are digging the hole, chewing the furniture, and start howling. This problem can face those people who spend a lot of time in the office or on outings.

If you want to avoid this situation then give your dog daily exercise and give the crate to your beagle, if he is not crate trained then crate train your dog

4- Puppies of Beagle Biting 

When beagle puppy grows their teeth, they chew and bite on everything because of their independent nature.

And they need to get adequate outlets for this habit, if he does not get them, they start chewing on furniture, shoes, or sometimes on walls. This is not a bad habit, this is a common instinct.

5- Lack of Strong Bond

A strong bond is very important between you and your beagle, if you don’t have a strong bond, then your dog doesn’t obey your command and run away. This also causes separation anxiety.

So make sure to build a strong bond with your beagle. Give him treat and praise and also spent quality time. Which makes him a good dog.     

6- Due to Stubborn Instinct 

Beagles are mostly used in hunting due to they belong to the hunter group. They are not easy to train because they like their own way of training.

This dog breed has a lot of energy and power so he does bark loudly and excessively. Train him in small age, in his elder age they get stubborn. Some owner doesn’t like their beagle stubborn.

7- Excessive Loud Barking 

Beagle barks very loudly because they contain a high amount of energy which they need to release in the form of barking and running during hunting. Excessive barking can irritate your neighbor and your family. This is the main reason which makes your beagles worst.

8- Beagle Steal the Food

Beagles love food and after eating time, he steals the food very quietly. He is quite intelligent and sharply steals food. Stolen food is not a bad habit but the beagle also steals many things from the house such as shirts, shoes, pent, etc and sometimes he steals office files which are not good.

9- Jumping on People 

As we have been discussed, the beagles have high energy. When they get motivation or excitement, they jump on others. Some people are afraid of dogs, when dogs jump on them, they are shocked and run away, and the dog also runs behind them. And his lack of impulse to control the dog.  So he doesn’t adopt the beagle breed due to jumping.

10- Scared Quickly 

You know the beagle is a hunting breed but this doesn’t belong to the guard dog breed group. They are not fearless dogs. They are alert and intelligent but don’t dispute larger dog breeds. When they see him suddenly run away and want shelter.            

11- More shedders

These beagles are non-hypoallergenic dogs. They have smooth, short coats and are excessively shedder during seasons. The shedder is another reason which makes the beagle worst.

If you want to adopt him then remember they leave their fur hair all over the house and you need to house cleaning, and brush your beagle in the morning and one time in the evening.


In the end, we learned why beagles are the worst dogs. Beagles are not the worst dogs, they are a hound dog breed that is used for hunting. They contain some extra habits like stubborn instinct, excessive barking, shedder, jumping on people, etc. 

In my experience, the beagles contain some worst habits but their good habits and benefits are greater than their worst habits. This breed is unique and small, So don’t think him bad. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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