9 Mystery Steps How to Teach Your Dog to Spin In A Circle?

Teach your Dog to Spin In A Circle

In this article, we will learn how to teach your dog to spin in a circle. There is no matter whether your dog is small or big, young or old because the dog love to learn new things.

You want that your dog to twirl on the command. This should be a very easy skill and build a strong bond between you and your pup.

So jump to the right place without any time wasting.

Steps to Teach Your Dog to Spin in a Circle.

Here we will discuss the steps of simple and authentic training.


During the training time, your dog should be hungry. This can make your dog active and lure you with treats during training. Select the room for training where no distractions and no anybody enters the room at training time.

Step 01

During training, you will start with your dog in a standing position. If they don’t know standing on command then teach your dog first basic standing commands. This is very necessary to stand your dog for spin training.

Step 02

You need to get the attention of your dog. The easy method of getting attention is to use the lure of a treat. So take some treats for training.

Step 03

Grab the treat in your hand and hold your treat hand in front of your dog’s nose. Turn this treat hand in one direction around the dog in his tail side. 

Step 04

Spin your hand slowly in a circle. Your dog smells the treat and wants to eat it, then he turns in a circle with follows the treat.

Step 05

Once the dog followed your hand, spin toward the treats and complete their circle 360 degrees. Then suddenly give him a treat, and Use a basic command like “Good boy” or ” Well done” for motivation. 

Step 06

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 several times. If your dog completes one spin then give him a treat. repeat it again and again.

Step 07

Once they would learn and understand spinning in a circle, add the “Spin” command. When he completes one turn in a circle give him a treat and say “Spin”. But make the process slow not more quickly or fast.

Step 08

For making mastered your dog this skill, you need to make a timetable of sessions. In my recommendation, practice your dog two times each day, morning and evening. Both times, give 10 minutes of training. and take a break in this session or divide 10 minutes into parts. Because of protecting your dog from dizziness.

Step 09

The last step is to eliminate the treats and use verbal cues for spinning your dog. If he learns with a treat then there is no problem he can easily move on cue.

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Give Direction Your Dog Spin

When your dog would learn the spinning in a circle then the time is to give directions to your dog to spin.   

  1. First, judge in what direction you were teaching your dog first then hold the treat in front of his nose.
  2. Move the treat around to your dog in one direction like turning first left to right then only train him left to right at that time he mastered the left-to-right spin in a circle.
  3. Practice in both directions and add the new command “Left spin” and ” Right Spin”. In this way, your dog easily learns on moving both commands. 

Problem and Tips

Many dogs learn this skill in no time or quickly. But some dogs are taking a lot of time, it seems this is so much hard. It has one solution to start shaping. Shaping means spinning your dog around all the way with small work.

Dogs are also dizzy on the excessive spin in the circle. Some trainers can mistake that they teach dogs to spin over time which causes dizziness and confused dog.

Remember in this way your dog could be hurt from training and he could be afraid of training. So give him small sessions and take short breaks.

Final Words

In the end, I try to conclude the article on how to teach your dog to spin in a circle. This trick is very easy to learn for dogs. Hold a treat in front of the dog’s nose and pull it around the dog in the circle, the dog turns his head to follow the treat. When he completes one circle give him a treat. Practice it again your dog learn this skill in under 3 days. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks for reading.

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