6 Reasons Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

15 Reasons Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive

In this blog post, we will discuss why are French Bulldogs so expensive. The French Bulldog is a very cute and rare dog breed and expensive to adopt. There are many reasons which make him expensive such as their high demand, breeding cost, genetic health issues, cesarean section, shipping cost, and more. These all are explained in detail in this article.

French Bulldog Overview


Small in size.


Their height is 24 to 35 cm.


Their weight is 8 to 15 kg.


Their coat is short hair.


Black, Brindle, Cream, and White.


Their lifetime is 10 to 12 years.

FCI Group

Toy and Companion Dogs.

Cost of French Bulldogs

This popular breed can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 depending on the breeder.

15 Reasons Why Are French Bulldogs  So Expensive

1-High Demand

The French Bulldog has high demand in the market. Every person wants to adopt and keep this breed. They have a high price and most sought out. Most people import them due to their strong and small bodies.

Their bat-like ears and big round eyes make their high demand, so they are expensive. They are present in less quantity amount as compared to their demand.

2-Breeding Costs

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic breed that has a short snout. When we mate two healthy pure French Bulldogs, it is necessary to test for health and genetic diseases. So this makes their breeding cost high.

The high breeding cost of French bulldogs makes them expensive. After breeding, see the area of living of the breeder and they have a specific diet because of their sensitive stomach which increases their breeding cost.

3-Genetics Health Issues

The French Bulldogs have some genetic health problems including breathing difficulty, spinal problems, etc. As we can discussed they are a brachycephalic breed which causes difficulty in breathing due to their nose and heads. This problem can occur during exercise or in hot weather.

They have narrow hips, which create difficulty during giving birth to a new baby without using a Cesarean section. They have also big eyes which are clearly shown on their face, if you can not take proper care of your eyes, they get corneal ulcers. These all things increase the cost of genetic health which makes them expensive.

4. Coat Color

The cost color of the French Bulldog is unique, its color varies from solid white to fawn brindle which increases its value. Their coat has many shades like lilac, blue, or chocolate that are most effective than black or red shade. So that is why the unique shading color increases their cost and makes them expensive.

5. Pedigree

French Bulldogs come from a long line of purebreds that have been bred for centuries to achieve their signature look. This includes specific physical characteristics like their bat ears, steep forehead, and short muzzle.

6. Shipping Costs

French bulldogs are not available in some places, so you import this breed sometimes which may affect the cost of transportation.

Firstly, transportation costs alone can be quite high due to the size of the breed. They require larger carriers for their safety and comfort which leads to an increase in shipment fees.

Secondly, there is a lot of paperwork involved whenever a French Bulldog puppy is shipped from one location to another. This includes veterinary forms as well as health certificates from both countries which adds more expense to their relocation process.

Training Cost of French Bulldogs


Conclusion: Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive

In the end, I recommend that Bulldog is a good choice for you if you are wealthy. This dog breed has many expenses. But their figure and characteristics make you happy. Hope you enjoy and learn all the information about why are french bulldogs so expensive. All the above points clear your objection. when you feel, I have not covered any point so comment us.

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