11 Tips on How to Stop Dog Barking At Night

How to Stop Dog Barking At Night

If you worry about how to stop dog barking at night, so you don’t. Some dog sleep during the day and awake at night, and start barking, which irritate both you and your neighbors. 

Dog barking is sometimes for isolation in his crate and for many reasons. Firstly, you identify the cause of the barking, then follow our steps to overcome this habit of your dog.

So why are you waiting here I come up with a detailed guide on how to stop your dog from barking at night. 

12 Reasons Why is My Dog Barking At Night

Dogs are barking due to many reasons, they don’t bark without any reason. Here I would detail explain dog barking reasons.

1- The Dog Hears Loudly

The dog is the natural power to hear four times louder than normal humans hearing. When he hears any unknown voice in the quiet environment at night, he alerts and starts barking. 

2- Barking In Group With Neighbour Dog

If your neighbor’s dog barked for any reason, then your dog is shocked and also barks with him. Your dog is motivated and bark in a grouping.

3- Environment Cause

If your dog sleeps in the garden or lawn, he hears the sound of the nest in a tree, the wind sound, any other pet sound, weather change, etc then he starts barking.

4- Boredom and Loneliness

Boredom caused barking due to separation, and anxiety. They need the company of humans or a dog. Make sure your dog gets the right amount of physical as well as mental health in a day. Loneliness is the main cause of barking at night.

5- Dog Feels Uncomfortable In His Bed

Sometimes dogs eat heavy things and drink a lot of water which upset your dog’s stomach. 

6- Dog Awaking You For Toilet

This is an exceptional case when your dog is not trained in your routine, they do have not the proper timetable for anything in their life, So he barks to wake you to go to the toilet.

7- You Are Adopt Recently a Dog

If you adopt a dog recently, then your dog would feel the unknown place. At night your dog is boredom in the new house. But this is temporary barking for one to two days. 

8- Noise

Dogs hear loudly and smell sharp. These both organs are dog power. When your dog’s crate is near to road area, they hear the sound of cars driving on a road, they are alert and wake at night and start barking. 

9- Crate Problem

Another reason is the crate problem, if the crate is not comfortable, causes pain, and Dog’s sleep gets disturbed due to the crate.

Many dogs have their own comfort level, some dog has high willpower and some dog has low. Hunting dogs are alert and active. But fancy dogs should be lazy and not bark so. 

10- Dog Makes Alarm

Dog loves their owner and family, when someone discusses a wrong thing, they warn you for the opposite game. 

11- Need for Exercise

Dogs contain a lot of energy that is needed to release this energy. Lack of exercise cause barking, because the dog is energy full, so releases this energy in the form of barking.

12- Medical Issues

Sometimes the dog is in pain due to any disease in the body, which causes tension for a dog in sitting. So he barks at night. Shows him to the veterinarian. One journal research shows that sleeping and walking are very necessary for a dog’s healthy life.


Barking is good behavior, when thieves enter your home. The dog sees the thief and starts barking.

11  Tips on How to Stop Dog Barking At Night?

The dog is a loyal and pretty pet. But when he starts barking on sleeping time at night then it irritates him. So we observe and experience some tips on how to stop your dog barking at night. 

How to stop dog barking

1- Overcome Barking By Playing Music

Music is the best way to overcome barking. It decreases anxiety and relaxes your dog’s mind. It controls the cortisol level in your dog. When a dog barks at night, then you are ‘On’ the white music in low volume.

Place the music device near the dog bed. The dog hears classical music, and their concentration on barking is disturbed. 

2-Use Of Command

If your dog bark is trained and mature, he knows the basic commands. If not trained then this tip is not for you, jump on to the next tip.

When a dog bark in the grouping, then use the command ” Be Quiet” or “Calm Down”. He hears the command from his owner, then stops barking. Group barking is an exciting type of barking.

3- Use of Treat

Treat is a reward and motivation in dog life. Sometimes dog bark because he is hungry. But ever bark, show him a treat and give the command, then he stops barking move your hand on his back with love. Most dog sees the treat, they shut their mouth, put their ear down, move their tail up and down, and shows happy expiration. 

4- Decrease the High Energy

The dog is very energetic. His energy helps him bark. Firstly, introduce a morning and evening stroll in the dog routine. Dog goes to walk, he loses his energy and enjoys. Strolling helps to calm, relax, and freshen the dog’s mind.

Add morning and evening walks to their dog life routine. In the early morning, the dog stroll,s and after the walk of 30 minutes, he has been balancing his energy and doesn’t bark in the daytime.

Then again goes on an evening walk he should be tired so your dog sleeps and doesn’t bark. This method is very effective. Kindly try it, this tip can help you to overcome dog barking at night.

5- Give a Comfortable Sleeping Place(Bed)

Your dog is barking due to discomfort in bed or rest place. This can vary matter because in rest time your dog needs a comfortable bed if you don’t give crate, his mind could be confused, and his brain would be tired, So he starts barking.

First, choose a place where setal the dog bed, and also arrange a foamy and comfortable bed or place for your dog.

6- Hug Him During Barking

The other best tip is when your dog barks because he feels single or lonely. Then hug him for 5 to 7 minutes, and move your hand on the back of his head and neck, which activates the emotional part of the brain. Your dog is motivated and feels the braveness.

7- Give Him Toys

This method is to overcome demand-type barking. If you learn the types of barking, I discuss this in a previous article. When a dog is breaking due to demand for anything in the night, give him a toy to play with toy and don’t bark.

8- Ignore Bad Behavior

If your dog barks territorial type, then the better method is to ignore this behavior, Don’t give attention, and also any type of reward. Your dog understands and knows that this behavior is wrong and not took motivation and reward for this, So he leaves this behavior.

9- Get a Shower for Your Dog

If you have free time then get a shower for your pup before going for an evening walk. This is not necessary but it is plus point if you have free time to care for your dog which overcomes the chances of barking at night. Shower to relax your dog’s muscles and make him fresh. 

10- Open Crate or leash to Go to the Toilet

Many times dogs barked because of the toilet and he is close to the crate, then he barks to understand their owner that he needs the toilet. Make sure your dog completes his peeing before night. 

11- Add Exercise to Dog Routine

Exercise is very necessary for your dog’s health and fitness. If your dog is mentally and physically fit, he doesn’t bark and also does not irritate you.

Each dog has its own need for exercise, depending on their age, gender, and breed. Kindly add Exercise to the dog routine, if you can afford then hire a trainer or walker. 


I don’t recommend you, work with a dog trainer. This is expensive and reduces your bond with your dog.

Pro tip:

In my experience, you should sleep with your dog in your own room. This can help you to minimize the barking chances. Make a crate in the underside of the room, so this step release dog anxiety and boredom.


In this blog post, I can give you all sums of my experience on how to stop dog barking at night. This behavior is common in dogs. But when it goes to an excessive amount, it causes frustration. The dog should bark mostly due to boredom and loneliness.

Fortunately, this is easy to overcome this habit, if you don’t like it. Simply give company to your dog and add a morning and evening walk. This can be very helpful to you. Hope you learn and enjoy this article and solve your problem. Thanks for reading.

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