5 Effective Steps How to Teach Your Dog To Lift His Leg When Peeing?

How to teach your dog to lift his leg when peeing

Dogs have many methods of peeing. Some dogs squat and some stand when they urinate. This is not common behavior for a dog to lift his leg when peeing. If you want how to teach your dog to lift his leg when peeing, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to learn your dog to lift their leg.

Simply give the command to your pup to lift their leg, when he performs this successfully and understands this behavior, give him a reward.

So why you are waiting here I come up with a detailed guide on teaching dogs to lift their legs when peeing.

Why Your Dog Doesn’t lift his leg to pee?

The dog naturally doesn’t know about lifting his leg. During walks or on furniture dog squat and pee. You would don’t realize that your dog is urinating.

On 25 July 2015, research on urine marking in domestic dogs was published by the Journal of Zoology.

There are many reasons why a dog does not lift their leg.

  • One reason is your dog doesn’t know how to do this habit because young puppies see their elder dog pee in a squat position so they follow them. This is territorial behavior.
  • The other reason is pain or discomfort in their hindquarters. Arthritis and dysplasia are common causes in older dogs during urination. But this is not necessarily the all-time pain in older dogs’ legs, ever some times are stretchiness in their muscle.

What you’ll need During Teaching Lift Leg in Peeing

When potty or pee training your dog, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to be successful. 

  • First, you’ll need patience and consistency. You can’t expect your dog to understand what you’re trying to teach them if you’re not being clear and consistent with your commands. 
  • Second, you’ll need some treats, not more because more treats cause weight gain in your dog. Food is high motivation in dog life, so using treats as positive reinforcement will go a long way. 
  • Finally, Just remain calm and keep working with your pup and they’ll eventually get it in a few weeks.

5 Steps How to teach your dog to lift his leg when peeing

Here we will provide simple and reality-based steps on how to train a dog to lift his leg during peeing. So you gonna read this carefully and follow step by step this information:

steps to train dog lift his legs

Step 1: Finding His Peeing Place

First of all, find the place or area where your dog goes to pee. If you can find the peeing place, start training in this place. Because when you train your dog in his specific peeing area or spot, he easily adopts your training and takes less time than using another method.

Step 2: Choose And Give Command

When finding the spot, give your dog the command “Lift leg”. Choose only one command which he can easily learn and understand quickly. Call this command with consistency.

Step 3: Lift Your Dog Leg

When your dog starts the pee, lift his hind leg and give the command with a cue such as “Lift leg Alex”. Hold his leg for a few seconds until he completes his pee. And give luring him to place treats in the front of his mouth. It helps to reduce anxiety at the time of peeing. When your dog successfully comp

Step 4: Praise and Reward

When your dog successfully completes peeing and holds the lifting of his leg, then give an immediate reward in the form of a treat to him for his motivation. Give a lot of praise, which encourages your pretty dog.

Step 5: Repeat With Positive Reinforcement

Repeat the all steps with consistency for a few weeks. After 2 weeks your dog quickly understands and has used to on this behavior. If you are consistent, it doesn’t take much time. Also, use positive reinforcement, and with the passage of time your dog will lift his leg without any hesitation.

The benefits of a Dog Lifting Leg During Peeing

Firstly, It is an amazing trick to show off to your guest, or friend.

This would help to prevent pee from splashing on your clothes, or boot.

It also makes a strong bond between you and our dog when you teach this skill to your pup.

When a dog lifts his leg when he urinates, it helps the dog to empty his bladder more completely. It builds discipline and manners in dog life. 


In the end, we learn in this blog post about how to teach your dog to lift his leg when peeing. Firstly, find the dog peeing place, choose one command, and give this command with consistency. Lift his leg during pee time, and hold this few seconds. The dog holds his leg for a few seconds, giving him a treat, and praising him. Repeatedly practice this, and your dog easily learn this. Hope you enjoy learning and enjoying this article. Thanks for reading. 

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