7 Steps on How to Stop Dog Barking During Walks?

How to Stop Dog Barking During Walks

 If you worry about how to stop dog barking during walks then you don’t, because this blog post will give you complete knowledge to handle the given situation.

When the dog starts barking redirect his attention, and call his name, while he won’t stop barking, give him to treat or a small toy like a chew bone or his favorite thing, and stand in front of the dog’s eyes which lose his attention on the barking cause thing. This can increase the chances to stop barking.

My dog barks at everything that passes by, So we learn step by step in this article come with us. 

Why Dogs Bark During Walks:

Walking with a dog is a very enjoyable experience. It builds a strong bond and relationship between the dog and the owner. But excessive barking during walks causes frustration, and signs of aggression.

Come to the exact talk about which reasons can cause the dog to bark on the walk. My dog is out of control on walks, So here are some reasons which I observe and experienced given below:

  • Firstly, identify and observe the dog barking reason. This is due to excitement or fear.
  • Judge the motivation of your dog barking, that gives the right solution to overcome this behavior.
  • The shelter dog only lives in the home and not goes on an outing, when he sees more dogs so he barks.
  • Most dogs are hunting dogs and when he sees any bird or thief they start barking.
  • Some dogs like to move off-leash, and if you put the leash on the dog’s neck, he feels uncomfortable and bad, so he starts barking.
  • Many dogs need exercise daily, if you should not give them proper exercise daily then they lose their stamina and during the walk, they create sadness and barking. their dopamine goes down. 
  • Another reason is a pain in any part of your dog’s muscle, so their physical checkup by a doctor.
  • Anxiety is also a reason, some dogs have phobias of many things like water phobia, height phobia, bridge phobia, etc.
  • Dog bark on unknown persons, things, or any unknown place.

7 Ways How to Stop Dog Barking During Walks

Here we describe the Steps to stop dogs from barking on walk time. This is very easy and simple, hope you learn this. 

7 ways to stop dog barking

1- Set Rules for Walking

Make time table in your dog’s life for a healthy lifestyle. In the timetable set the rules for walking outside. The rule makes discipline in dog life. You have a strong bond with the dog, then the dog understands and follows your rules easily.

Here are some rules for walking that you can follow and stop dog barking.

  • Select the best time for strolling outside with the dog. Your time is to stick to each day as much as possible.
  • Put a leash on your dog’s neck during walks on the footpath, and when reaching to park off-leash from the dog.
  • Play with your dog in the park for 30 minutes at least which relaxes the dog’s mind.
  • When your dog starts barking because of any reason give him toys or treats, call his name, and give positive reinforcement on correct action. 

2- Establish Barking Signal

The second way is to establish baking signals. A barking signal is established by giving commands.

  • Use the command “No Barking” or “Stop barking”.
  • Another method is to clap your hand to remove his attention from barking.
  • Training your dog to stop barking during walks is an important part of responsible pet ownership.
  • Use hand signals and also use voice signals. 
  • If your dog should know command is easy to handle. 

3-Avoid Encouraging Barking

The third way is to avoid encouraging barking. When your dog begins to bark, first call him ” stop now” while he does not stop barking.

Ignore his barking and don’t give encouragement or don’t motivate them on barking. When you ignore this behavior and continued your walk then your dog realizes that this habit is bad and he stops barking.

With the passage of time, if you ignore this behavior, your dog leave this bad habit. Ignore the dog’s behavior and establish boundaries between you and your pup which can help you to teach things easily to your dog. 

4- Keep Walks Calm and Relaxed

If you want your dog not to bark during walks, then keep walks calm and relaxed. During the walk, your speed can give motivation to your dog, and he would be excited. His over-excitement causes aggression and he is jumping on you and other people near you and also start barking.

Your walk speed should be normal, don’t pick pace, and do not suddenly stop or suddenly walk. Move in constant motion which makes your dog’s character and memories well. Continued walking and talking with your pup. 

5- Reducing Anxiety

Many dogs have anxiety due to some phobias. They bark when sees many peoples. Anxiety connects to their both physical and mental health. This is necessary to recover anxiety by providing love and positive reinforcement.

Don’t give punishment, and encourage their small achievement which makes your dog self-confident. This can help to reduce anxiety.

Take steps to reduce anxiety levels. Firstly, provide your dog with opportunities for exercise throughout the week. Regular and consistent physical activities will help to manage your dog’s emotions better.

You should know that dogs are social animals. Arrange social and engaging activities every week and provide their favorite toys to relax their mind.

6- Tackling Triggers

The next step is to address and handle the triggers. Tackling triggers is a daunting task. Common triggers arise from seeing other animals, unknown people, and uncomfortable areas.

When a dog sees the wrong activity, he should be aggressive and bark at it.  When your dog plays with any unknown person during the walk and an unknown person runs away from him. He is triggered by the person and runs toward the person.

So pull his leash and say the command “stop Alex”. The trigger can be controlled by using a leash or taking his attention by clapping your hand.

7- Rewarding Good Behaviors

The last way or step is to give your dog to reward on stop barking successfully. The reward is a big motivator. Reward includes many things like treats.

Rewarding on Stop bark


Don’t give a treat in an accessive amount, it increases your dog’s weight because a treat contains high calories.

Those things that increase your dog’s dopamine hormone, are also rewarded. Give some toys as a gift, or play, provide a new bed, talk with love, etc these all are rewards. With patience and consistency, your dog learns to not accessive bark in walks.


There are three types of barking:

  1. Territorial type Barking.
  2. Excitement Type Barking.
  3. Demand Type Barking.

Pro Tips:

  • Barking Make sure that your dog gets a great workout and plenty of exercise.
  • Encourage him in socialization.
  • Be calm and relax at walk time.
  • Ignore the barking during the walk for some seconds.
  • Use the command ” Calm boy”.
  • If you are busy in your practical life and do have no time to give your dog, then hire a walker for your dog.


In the end, If you follow our steps and tips on how to stop dog barking during walks, then this is very easy for you to handle this situation. Your aggressive behavior is counterproductive for your dog. Don’t punish the dog, only use positive methods to control the dog. If the dog starts suddenly barking at all times then consult the immediately to a veterinarian. Hope you learn from this article, thanks for reading.

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