10 Adorable Steps How to Teach a Dog To Grab Leash

How to teach a dog to grab leash

The leash plays an important role during walking. When your dog grabs the leash in his mouth, this behavior is very impressive for both you and your guests or neighbors.

When you going for walk, call your dog to grab the leash and bring it for me. It saves you time because at that time you can wear your shoes, fill your water bottle, and your dog go and bring the leash. 

I don’t waste your time here, in this article, we discuss how to teach a dog to grab leash. Training your dog to grab a leash during the walk is very easy.

Tips and Tricks to Dog Grab the Leash

There are several tips for a dog to grab the leash:

  • Give your dog plenty of practice.
  • Firstly train this behavior on a blanket or pillow.
  • When he did his work give him a treat.
  • Let’s wear the dog harness before going to walk.
  • If your dog knows command this is very easy to teach them.
  • Choose the area in your house where no anybody can distract you and your pup from training.
  • During training use positive reinforcement and praise.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Teach a Dog To Grab Leash

Here we will teach you to step by step guidance on teaching your dog to grab the leash.

Step 1: Introduce the Leash

Firstly, your dog knows what is leash. Show them a leash and pronounce the leash with a hand signal or cue. In simple words introduce the leash to your pup.

Step 2: Use a Blanket or Pillow As Alternative

In the beginning, use a blanket or toy, or chew bone. Firstly move the blanket back and forth in front of the dog’s nose and the set blanket in front of you on the floor.

We use alternative first because the dog learns steps first on a chew bone or blanket then they easily apply these steps on the leash.

Step 3: Bring It to Me

After setting the blanket on the floor, give command your dog to “bring it to me” and clap your hand to motivate him. If he doesn’t bring a blanket, slowly push her back and say bring it.

Step 4: Drop this 

When your dog took and brings a leash to you. Says again to drop it and don’t pull his mouth blanket with force because he reacts aggressively to this. 

Step 5: Reward Your Dog

If your dog obeys your command and takes the leash and drops it then give him a reward in the form of a treat. 

Step 6: Use the Leash 

In this step remove the blanket in the training and use the leash. Apply steps 3, 4, and 5 on the leash. Ask your dog to Go and take a leash. When he brings a leash, ask him to drop it, and if he drops it on your hand give him a treat. 

Step 7: Repeat It

Repeat step 6 again and again. When he completes one iteration or cycle give him a treat. Then again repeat this process for 15 minutes. 

Step 8: Practice in Different Situations

If your dog follows all the above steps, then he should be skilled. Then practice this skill in a different situation, For example, walk or stroll toward the door and ask him to bring a leash. This helps you before going for an outside walk. 

Step 9: Practice It for a Few Weeks

Without practice talent or skill is nothing. Practice these steps in 2 weeks with consistency and one session is 1 hour a day before you go for an evening walk. 

Step 10: Reward with Long Walk

When your dog obeys your command and he gonna learns properly this skill then give him a reward in form of a long walk. Get your dog for a walk. If you follow these all steps your dog easily learn these skills in 1 or 2 weeks.

Benefits of Teaching a Dog to Grab the Leash

Here we discuss some benefits of a dog grabbing the leash.

  • This makes your dog smart, intelligent, and self-confident.
  • Teaching its behavior creates a strong and positive bond between owner and pup.
  • If the dog explores the introduction of a leash then this is easy to leash train your dog during the walk.
  • This behavior of a dog saves you time.
  • It helps in reducing your dog’s anxiety and fear.
  • During grab training, your dog also learns basic commands.

My Experience With It

When I was training my 8-month dog, he knew the basic commands. I and my dog go to one empty room, and I started training with his daily use of a chew bone toy.

Firstly, I move to chew bone in front of the dog and then threw it away toward the corner of a room, my dog runs toward the bone, takes the bone in his mouth, and brings bone to me in my hand. I gave him a treat and continued this process for 12 minutes. My dog learned this skill easily at home in under 2 weeks.


In the end, we summarize all content that how to teach a dog to grab leash. This is very simple when you do it consistently, and this is very difficult when your dog shows irrelevant behavior.

Daily exercise made your dog alert and active, so he learn this quickly. There is simple command give the command ” bring it to me”, and your dog goes and takes it and puts a leash on hand. This skill makes your dog smarter. Hope you learn and enjoy this article, have a good day. Thanks.

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