Can Beagles Eat Bananas?[5 Amazing Benefits]

Can Beagles Eat Bananas

In this blog post, we will learn about “Can beagles eat bananas”. The answer is Yes, beagles eat and also like the taste of bananas and it is also healthy for them.

The banana contains many nutrients as well as sugar. It has both positive and negative benefits. If feed banana in an average amount it is pretty good but if a banana is taken overfeed then it causes some health issue that is completely described in the below article.

Are Bananas Good For Beagles? 

Yes, bananas are good for beagles and it contain nutritious elements. Other foods gain the weight of the beagles but bananas help the beagles to stay healthy. There are some things that are present in bananas and good for beagles:

1. Fiber

The bananas contain fiber which helps to overcome constipation in beagles. When your beagles take time in the bathroom to do their business because of constipation then banana is one of the most natural fruit (due to the fiber) which help to protect the beagle from constipation.

2. Vitamin C

The banana contains Vitamin C in a rich amount. Vitamin C helps to prevent cell damage and boost the immune system. The beagles can get Vitamin C from bananas.

3. Magnesium

The bananas also contain magnesium. Magnesium helps protein building in the body and improves the growth of bones.

4. B6

Another element that is present in bananas is B6. B6 helps in the nervous system like improve blood circulation in the body and also oxygen transpiration.

5. Potassium

The banana contains potassium which helps to keep the beagle’s heart healthy and prevent many heart-related diseases.

Can Beagles Eat Bananas?

Yes, the beagles can eat bananas. It is a healthy snack as compared to other fatty foods. Beagles enjoy eating bananas due to their sweet taste. The bananas build the stamina in beagles which helps them during exercise.

The treats have many calories and when beagles get treats as a reward, this results to gain weight when you replace the high calories treat with bananas, which is low calories and healthy fruit.

How many bananas should the beagle eat?

It is a very important thing which you know how much bananas should eat the beagle. My recommendation is to give a balanced diet to your beagle.

Add banana to beagle diet about 10 percent per day because take the banana as a snack and the snack are taken just for taste. The other word they give 1 piece of banana after a gap of two days.

If you give daily bananas to your beagle, it is not good because bananas contain a lot of sugar and cause weight gain in beagles.

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Some Risks of Overfeeding

Overfeeding your beagle causes many risks. The banana contains a high amount of sugar level.

When the banana is added to the daily routine of the beagle’s diet, it means there is so much protein in the beagle diet that they intake daily. Here are several risks which could come from the over intake of bananas:

  • Constipation.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Upset Stomach.
  • Hyperkalemia.

But remember this is only caused when your beagle takes a large amount of bananas daily, if they eat bananas in normal amounts then there is no risk are arise.


Use the natural banana, some people make banana chips for their beagle and consider it as a good snack. But this is bad for beagles because banana chips contain oil and sugar.

How to Prepare the Bananas for Beagle

Here is the method of preparation of bananas for beagles:

  1. Take one piece of banana.
  2. Firstly, mash the banana.
  3. Then mix mashed banana with peanut butter.
  4. Stuff it.
  5. Then freeze it in summer.
  6. Peel and Slice it.

Can Beagles Eat Banana Peels?

You shouldn’t give banana peels to your beagle because peels contain more fibers which can cause stomach and intestine problems. Before the use of the banana, expose the banana from its peel and through peel into a dustbin where the beagle cannot eat it.

When stop to Serve Bananas

There are some cases when you should stop to serve bananas to your beagles. If your beagle is a diabetic patient then shouldn’t give banana to them because banana also contains more sugar which is not good for diabetic beagles.

When your beagle has any kidney problem or Addison’s disease then you should never give banana on any day because, in kidney problems, the potassium can build up in the blood and cause some serious heart problems.


If we conclude Can beagles eat bananas? Yes, they eat, and is good for them. It has fewer side effects but make sure they eat bananas in moderate amounts. Thanks!

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