How Many Puppies Do Beagles Have? [3 Adorable Factors]

How Many Puppies Do Beagles Have?

The article shows how many puppies do beagles have. The answer is they have a capacity of 1 to 11 puppies per litter to the information of AKC. But the average count rate in medium-sized female beagles has 6 puppies per litter. For a detailed guide, read below to increase your knowledge.

Beagles Litter Size

All Beagle female litter size is the same but there is no exact method to know how many puppies are present in their litter. As you know, beagle dogs, have many sizes and colors. The small size beagles give four to seven puppies and the medium size beagles give birth to approximately 6 to 10 healthy puppies.

This estimation is for the first time pregnancy of a beagle.  If you want to know the exact number of puppies in a beagle litter then take your female beagle for X-rays when they spend 6 weeks in pregnancy. In the sixth week of pregnancy, the puppies’ bones are fully formed in the litter and they can easily know the number of puppies in litter with the help of litter.

How Many Puppies Do Beagles Have? Some Factors That Affect the Litter Size

If you have the first experience of a beagle’s pregnancy. This is a very memorable and exciting experience and you can be curious to know the count of puppies that are present in a beagle’s litter. An average female beagle gives birth to 6 puppies. The count of puppies could be low or high which depends on some factors which are given below:

1. First Time Pregnancy of Beagle

The first litters of beagles give an idea of the next time litter. If the beagles give first-time large quantity puppies then in the next litter it has the same count of puppies and only one or two puppies can be extra born.

For Example: Your female beagle gives birth to 6 puppies on the first litter then the second time litter, she gives birth to a maximum of 7 or 8 puppies and she give 7 and 8 puppies in their whole life. 

2. Age of Parent’s Beagle

The age of parents’ beagles affects the litter size. Age shows an impact on the shape, capacity, energy, and breeding of beagles.

If the parent’s beagles are at an early young age or very old age, then they have a small litter. Because at an early young age, the litter experiences first-time birth, and the litter is so contracted. And in old age, the beagle litter can so old due to giving birth again and again.

The best result of breeding of the beagles, when they give birth to a large number of puppies, is between 2 to 6 years old.

3. The Health of Female Beagle

Their health can very affect the beagle’s litter. If the female beagle is suffering from any chronic illness then don’t cross him for breed. The ill beagle breeding is dangerous for both puppies and the mother’s life.

When beagles are sick their litter would contract and goes to very small. And the second side, if beagles are healthy and have medium-large size then they give birth to a large number of puppies.

At What Time You Can Measure or Check the Beagle Litter Size 

The beagle gives birth to puppies in 63 days. Some people check the litter of a mother beagles at 32 to 35 days of pregnancy but this is not helpful to measure the exact size of litter.

The best time is to measure the litter in 45 days. At 45 days, the bone skeleton is fully formed in litter and you can measure it with the help of ultrasound, radiography, or X- rays.


Remember that, don’t measure the litter of the beagle regularly, only check the litter within 45 days of pregnancy then leave it. Because more X-rays or ultrasound is harmful to puppies and mother beagle also.

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and In the end, we will conclude the blog post “How many puppies do beagles have?  It varies from female beagle age breed, height weight, and capacity. But the average estimate is approximately 6 babies in one litter.

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