Can Beagles Eat Apples? [5 Best Steps to Prepare Apples]

Can Beagles Eat Apples?

In this blog post, we will learn about “Can beagles eat apples”. Yes, beagles can eat apples. The apple contains many fibers and vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C that are very necessary for the health of beagles.

The apple work as a snack in the beagle’s diet due to the low fat and protein present in it. But remember, remove the core and seed from the apple before giving it to your beagle. If you want to learn detailed knowledge then read this article carefully.

Are Apples Good For Beagles  

Yes, apples are good for beagles because apples are the best source of iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus (maintain teeth and bone), antioxidants, and even low calories fruit which is good for the beagle’s health.

The apple has a sweet taste, when the beagle eats the apple they enjoy its taste and it can replace the many chocolate or junk treats.

If your beagle daily eats an apple then they don’t need to clean its teeth because when a beagle eats an apple it’s juicy like liquid which cleans the teeth. In this way, you don’t need the brushing or washing your beagle’s teeth but the peel of apple are stuck in beagle’s teeth during chewing apple.

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How Many Apples Can Beagles Eat?

The apple is safe for beagles but does not give apples in excessive amounts. Approximately give two to three slices in a day. Firstly, wash the apple then cut it into pieces and give them apple in the form of slice which is easy to chew.

According to AKC, one apple contains nearly 19-gram sugar, so that is why you give 3 slices daily to your beagle. Make sure to cut and remove the seed before giving an apple slice to your beagle.

How to Prepare Apples For Beagles 

When you buy apples from supermarkets they contain pesticides like other fruits and vegetables to protect them from rot.

  • So there is very important to wash and scrub the apple.
  • The next step is to remove the seeds from the apple and threw them far away from your beagle.
  • Because in seed, a little amount of cyanide is present which is toxic. The core and stem of the apple could choke the beagle and can cause problems in digestion.
  • Remove the apple peel and cut the apples into small slices and give them to your beagle. Your beagle eats and digests this easily.
  • The removal of the peel can also reduce the quantity of fiber.

How to Feed Apples to Beagles

If you want to give apple in the form of a treat to your beagle dog then there are many recipes.

The AKC uses only three ingredients such as applesauce, an egg, and almond flour. This way, you make good apple pretzels for your beagles.

The other method is to freeze the apple slice and then give it to your beagle on summer days, which can overcome some heat and your beagle feel fresh and cold.

Final Thought

In the end, we observe and realize the article, “Can beagles eat an Apple”? Yes, the doctor said; one apple protects your dog from the hospital. This means a moderate amount of apple is beneficial for your furry beagle dog. Three to four slices per day are good.

It has many benefits such as it automatically cleaning your dog’s teeth during eating apples due to their juicy liquid. My recommendation is your beagle should eat one apple per week. So hope you will learn and enjoy this article. Thanks!


Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

Yes, the beagles eat applesauce. You think the applesauce contain sugar, so you can choose the unsweet applesauce for your beagle.

Can dogs eat apple cores?

No beagles cannot eat the apple core because it is so hard and cause problem during digestion as well as cause choking. So the core and stem is not good for beagles.

Can dogs eat apple seeds?

No the apple is not good for beagles, because of they containing the cyanide which is poisonous substance. So doesn’t give seed to your beagle.

Can dogs eat apple butter?

No the beagles doesn’t eat apple butter because in this ingredient they contain much sugar which is not handle by you beagle.

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