5 Mystery Reasons Why Is Beagle Not Allowed In HDB

Why Is Beagle Not Allowed In HDB

In this article, we will learn about why is beagle not allowed in HDB. HDB only allows small dog breeds like toys dog breed which is good as a pet. The beagle are small dogs but their weight is greater than 10 kg, which is not meet to HDB selection requirement. They need a lot of exercise and they are not hypoallergenic. For a detailed guide read below.

Requirement for Eligibility in HDB

There is a requirement for eligibility to approve in HBD. If those dogs meet the requirement, they only qualify for HBD. The requirement is given below:

  • The dog’s height should be less tall the 40cm.
  • The dog’s weight should be less heavy than 10 kg.

Dogs which are taller than 40 cm and heavier than 10 kg are not eligible to be allowed in HBD.

In 2012, use the project ADORE ( ADOption and REhoming of dogs) allow the HBD homeowners to keep the local or mixed dog breed. 

Are Beagles HBD Approved?

No, the beagles are not HBD approved because HBD only adopts small dog breeds which are related to toy dog breeds. But beagles are medium size dogs and they are not a family of toy dog breeds. They are hound and hunting dogs that have much energy and can bite and do not meet the criteria of HBD approval.

Why Is Beagle Not Allowed In HDB

There are several reasons why beagles are not allowed in HBD.

1. Due to two Main Size

The beagles are in two sizes:

  • One has 13 to 15 inches in height and their weight is approximately 9 kg or 20 pounds.
  • The second has 10 to 13 inches tall or under 13 inches, and their weight is about 17 to 18 pounds.

2. Need for Exercise

Another reason is that beagles are very energetic due to their hound nature. And used as a hunting dog. They want daily exercise and walking. Due to the need for a lot of exercises, they are not HBD-approved.

3. Teething Issues

The beagles have some teething issues which commonly occur at the young age of beagles. This reason does not affect the approval of HBD.

4. Not Toilet Train

Beagles are not toilet trained and do not control their bladder at an early age which causes dirt, so they are not allowed in HBD.

5. Due to Shedding

The beagles are not hypoallergenic, they shed every day. But the quantity of daily shed is not more, than moderate shedding. When the shedding season comes, the beagle heavily shedders, in general words they drop the entire coat in some weeks.

How is Beagle AS a PET? 

Beagles are very better as a pet. The beauty of beagles is they love children as well as other dogs. But they want to need company and are social dogs. They need attention. If not get from the owner then they dig a hole or show stubborn behavior. They feel sad when they are lonely.

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In the end, we conclude the article about why is beagle not allowed in HDB. It has many reasons but the main reason is they are not toy dog breeds and shedding more as well as hunting breeds. So that is why beagles are not HBD approved dogs. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks!


Are beagles good in flats?

Yes, the beagles are good in flats because of their medium-small size.

What dog is best for HDB?

The Maltese are the best dog for HBD because they are toy dogs and hypoallergenic, as well as small in size.

Why Corgi is not HDB approved?

The Corgi is also not allowed in HBD because they are more bark and disturb the neighbours.

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