Mystery of Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

In this article, we will learn all about the Rottweiler dog breed information. We will discuss their origin, history, diet plan, grooming requirements, health concerns, etc.

Rottweilers are a loyal and powerful breed of dog that has been around for centuries. They were originally bred to be guard dogs and were known for their strength and intelligence.

In recent years, Rottweilers have become popular family pets due to their loving and protective nature. If you are considering bringing one of these wonderful puppies into your home, it is important to understand the basics of these intelligent canines.

History: Origin and Development

The Roman Empire used the  Rottweiler as a shepherd dog, and then he is owned by the Alps, cattle dealers, and butchers.

It is believed that they originate from Baden-Wurttemberg which is near the city of Rottweil. In this way, he was known by the Rottweiler name and was popular in the early time. The main reason for their popularity is the Rottweil which is an essential cattle trading center.

The Rottweiler was known as a cattle or sheep dog. They get the butcher dog’s name. The Rottweiler protects the butcher things. They have protective and fearless instincts which defend the goods. They were always loyal and loved by their owner.

Since the 20th century, they are used by the Police and military.

History of Rottweiler Puppies

Breed Overviews


They are medium-large in size


Female height: 22 to 25 inches. Male height: 24 to 27 inches.


Female weight: 34 to 49 kg. Male weight: 50 to 62 kg


straightmedium coat that lies flat. 


 Mahogany, Tan, and Rust.


Their lifespan is 8 to 10 years.


No, they can not swim easily.


No, they can not.

FCI Group

Working dog.

Need of Exercise

They do not need exercise, simply five minutes a month.


They not barking a lot. they are a quiet and calm breed.

Characteristics of Rottweiler 

The Rottweilers are the group member of Pinscher and Schnauzer. They have short coat that is dark brown coloring. They have a unique light brown area on the root of the tail, muzzle, chest, legs, eyebrows, and lips. They are friendly nature as well as child loving, affectionate, and peaceful.

As I discussed their lighter color makes him brand. They have a strong and stocky physique with a strong bite. All of these make him the best military and police dog. These dogs as characteristics of security dogs are used in the military are police for the purpose of the security issue and catching thieves. The breed of these dogs got some diseases like elbow dysplasia which are a joint disease coming in this breed of dog.

X-ray is just before the start of the breed. In the case of no x-ray leukoence phalomeyeopathy, the disease can be caused by which dog should be paralyzed which is not treatable. This breed also has heart disease occurrence.

New born Rottweiler Puppies

Purpose of Use

  • Used for search.
  • Rescue operations.
  • Police work.
  • Therapy assistance jobs.

Diet and Food of Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

The Rottweiler needs the appropriate diet, the sweets or treats should not include in the diet. Because it causes overweight in the Rottweiler, and they get fat which affects the stress on vulnerable joints.

You should add the diet in Rottweiler is low in fats and carbohydrates. Use high-quality protein which is beneficial for your dog. Your Rottweiler should avoid some foods which are animal by-products, soy, and corn. In this dog’s case, both dry and wet food is better.

The main benefits of dry food are low cast, high energy intake, longer storage life, and also protect the teeth from germs and cavities. But the taste of dry food is not flavorful as wet dogs due to less fluid included in dry food. The preservatives are also included which cause swelling effects and increase the fecal secretion due to poor nutrition filled.

The wet food contains water as well as taste which is good for the old dog that is not chewing easily any dry food because of their weak teeth. The regular 200g amount of wet food is important for puppies and 400g of food need adult Rottweiler dogs per day.

Grooming Requirements

Firstly, you need the dog collar which is made up of leather which should wide, suitable, and nice. The strong leash should be made of leather, which contains a strong belt as equipment. If you have any fear of flea infestation, you wear your Rottweiler to flea collar and retractable leash.

If you can afford then give your own basketball to your dog. A specific food bowl for each work like one bowl is a food bowl and the other is a water bowl. They like the toys such as balls, football, etc. The treat is part of grooming.

When your Rottweiler go for a walk they need the seat belt and a grid. The comb and brushes are also necessary for grooming their beautiful coat. If your dog gets to feel the strong pulled by the dog collar then the harness is best for them.

Health Concerns

It is necessary for you should know about the health issue of your breed and take proper care of them. This breed of rottweiler has genetic diseases like cardiac disease, hip dysplasia, or elbow dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia in this abnormal growth of the hip joint occurs which will cause lameness in old age.

Elbow dysplasia is a certain development in the elbow joint which causes pain and lameness in the young dog.

Cardiac disease may cause heart disease in rottweilers like a heartbeat, arrhythmia, heart murmur, and congestive heart failure.


In conclusion, Rottweiler puppies can make amazing family pets and companions. They are loyal, intelligent, and devoted animals that have an intimidating appearance but gentle nature. It’s important to remember that their energy level is high and they need plenty of exercise, so be sure to provide them with daily walks and playtime. Rottweiler puppies need proper socialization to ensure they grow up to be well-mannered and comfortable around strangers.

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