Is it necessary to cut Doberman Tail? [6 Incredible Reasons]

Is it necessary to cut Doberman Tail?

In this blog post, we will learn in detail about “Is it necessary to cut Doberman tail? The answer is no, it is not necessary to cut the tail of your Doberman. It is your own choice and needs of your dog.

The Dobermans are guard dogs and they can fight with other dogs as well as humans. It has a strong body but its tail is very thin and its ears are cropped, which increases the chance of injury or tail damage during running or fighting.

So that is why many people cut their Doberman tail. Dog tail is used for communication, when the dog is playing it moves its tail to and fro. For further detailed knowledge read the article carefully.    

History And Purpose Of Tail Docking 

The Doberman dog breed was created by a German man named Louis Dobermann at the end of the 19th century. So, this dog breed name was held as Dobermann by its owner’s name.

The objective of making this breed is to get results as a working dog. They are working dog, and very energetic, and they are also used as a guard dogs. They are the fifth smart dog breed in the world and are athlete dogs.

As you know, nobody is fully perfect. As in case of Doberman, they have floppy ears and long but thin tail. You also know, they are guard dogs and protect their owner when observing any danger.

They fight with other dogs and unknown humans as well for the protection of their owners. During fighting there are more chances of injury to their weak, thin, and long tail. So many people that adopt the Dobermann, cut the tail to prevent its tail from future injury.      

Why Do They Cut Tail Of Dobermann

The docking or cutting of Dobermann or any other dogs has been ongoing for many years since the late 19th century. The reasons for cutting or docking the tail of Dobermann are divided into two sections: 

  1. Earlier Reasons for Docking Tail.
  2. Late Reasons for Docking Tail.

Before explain it, I tell you the abovementioned reasons. These above reasons are classified into two eras. Both eras have their own priorities.  

Earlier Reasons For Docking Tail

The earlier reasons for docking tails are given below: 

1. Reduce The Chances Of Rabies 

Docking of the tail helps in reducing rabies. The long tail of a dog has many chances to get rabies. 

2. Increase The Running Speed 

It can increase the speed of a dog during running. When they feel any danger of the wrong person or thief in their territory they run behind and easily compete the speed of the thief.

Dobermann’s thin tail has many chances of injury during its running. Without a tail, they are very easy to safely run. 

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3. Reduce The Chance Of Tail Injury

Earlier people cut the tail of Dobermann to protect its tails from injury during fights or running. Because naturally, they are guard dog, so it has more chances of injuries.  

4. Strengthening Its Back

It help to make strength of Dobermann back. The thin and long tail could weak the back of Dobermann, when they run much time in a day in their routine. Without a tail, their back has more chance of strength and flexibility. So earlier people want to keep a powerful dog. 

Late Reasons For Docking Tail 

The today’s or late owners’ docking tail reasons are given below:  Many owners dock the tail of Dobermann, without any medical or functional necessity. 

1. Cosmetic Purpose  

They want to make a good figure for their dog. This is not a good thing in my perspective.  

2. Aesthetic Purpose

As you know, they are the 5th smartest dogs in the world. The figure of Dobermann is strong, and they look like athlete dogs. So the owners make their dog figure as an athlete, so they would cut the tail of Dobermann. 

The Organization AVMA criticizes Dobermann tail docking and ear cropping because it can cause great pain if the Dobermann is a puppy or an adult dog.

The Kennels Club also doesn’t allow the cosmetic dog that has a docked tail or cropped ear in competition. The main fact behind not including these type of dogs in competitions is reducing this activity which cause the pain of dogs.

Is It Necessary To Cut Doberman Tail?

No, it is not necessary to cut the tail of Dobermann. It is not a medical necessity, it is a personal choice. If your dog lives in a separate and secure area where no more dog lives and where there is no chance of danger. Then you should not be docked or cut the tail and ears of your Dobermann.

Those owners who docked the tail of their dog to prevent their Dobermann from any injuries. If your dog has a docked tail, then it will not be able to qualify for Kennels Club competitions. 

Many Scientists of AVMA are very against and discourage the cutting of the ear and docking of the tail of Dobermann if it is not very urgent or necessary. 

Dogs or any other animals are happy in their natural state. They feel comfortable, enjoy life, and perform good work in their natural state. 

So when you change nature it causes negative effects on your dog’s health. I also know that the docked tail of Dobermann makes it look smart but behind the pain of this smartness is very high. 

If your dog is a fighter and faces daily danger then you can dock its tail to protect them from serious injury. When you realize that, it’s time to dock the tail of your dog then go to a professional and expert Veterinarian. Choose those surgery which has less chance of pain.    

Do Dobermans Break Its Tails? 

The Doberman tail is quite thin and not very strong, so it can be damaged at any time in the future. No, it is a rare case when Dobermann breaks their tail. The best time for the docking of the tail is the early age of Dobermans when they are puppies as compared to their adult age.

Because in adult age, docking takes time to recover.  The best time to trim the Doberman tail and ears is 7 to 9 weeks old. You can do a docking process under 12 weeks old. After 12 weeks, this is not a good idea to do it.  


The Final word of “Is it necessary to cut Doberman Tail”. No, it is not necessary and this is your own choice. It has some pros and cons. Many Scientists and researchers are against on tail cutting of dogs. 

My suggestion is not to cut or dock the tail or ear of your dog without any urgent or necessary need. In my opinion, Dobermann will always be a smart and athlete dog, there is no need to cut its tail for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. Hope you learn and enjoy this article. Thanks!

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